More May

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Anya shows off her new haircut.

Although Anya got infested by ticks at it last year, we decided to brave the Strawberry Festival again this year.

Everybody meets up and then stands around and waits while I pigged out on festival food.

Then we headed over to play on the military trucks and tanks

MaKenzie plays some Tank Commander

Sasha takes a turn in the turret

Next the kids take turns firing the 50

Nothing says Freedom like a 2 year old pulling the trigger of a 50 Caliber Machine Gun....

....Or a 6 year old hoisting her first M16!  


Sasha & Anya take turns doing some driving. 


Between the two of them they get a convoy going.


It was all fun until Anya started pushing all the buttons that the Navy guy told her not to push.


She put it in gear and then bailed out before it took off.

Next we inspected the cows and pigs.

Anya fell in and won a yellow 5th place ribbon! 

These tractors were all put in time out

Anya and Carter run circles around the rest of us.


Sasha, working with less teeth than usual, eats some chocolate dipped strawberries


Anya has no trouble munching through hers.


Back at home the next day for a pizza party!


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