A Whole Lot of Stuff We Did In May

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Anya's not as "into" being photographed as Sasha.  Here she is begrudgingly allowing me to take a picture.

The month started off with Makenzie's Birthday!


She had a Puppy Themed Party

Lots of presents from lots of friends.


Coleman enjoys the festivities


Everyone waits to see what will be opened next.  The suspense was almost unbearable!


Coleman and Anya are not really paying attention.

Carter helps big sister open some presents.

Now it's time to eat Michelle's latest masterpiece


Hey everyone!  Look over here!


Everyone sings Happy Birthday

Then it's time to eat up all that yummy cake!

Then to the back yard to burn off all that sugar.

What a great Party!  Happy Birthday Makenzie!

Next Virginia Beach Public Schools had a fund raising festival at the oceanfront.


We saw a puppet show.


And played games.

Anya actually won this game and got a prize after Sasha didn't.  That made Sasha mad.

Sasha took away the finger trap that Anya won and immediately got stuck in it.  
I wish I had the video camera on because about 2 seconds after this picture was taken 
Sasha started freaking out and screaming and crying trying to get out of it!

There were lots of people at the festival.  It was pretty fun.

Sasha and Anya goofing off while I waited in the Balloon Animal line.

Anya tries to drag me out of the line that she wanted me to wait in to play with her.  Crazy baby!


Sasha gets a butterfly from the Balloon Boy.

This Titanic slide on the beach looked super fun (even though I suppose it's really inappropriate if you think about it.)

Anya practically dove headfirst down the thing.  
Sasha on the other hand freaked at the top and had to be coaxed down by me and the slide operator.

There was a bunch of sand toys on the beach


So we finished out the day playing in the sand.

Here's the baby birds that were born in our tree.  They were delicious!  :)

Anya's been into Monster Trucks for a while


So this year she was finally big enough to go see them at the beach!


These 2 were new.  They were Mini Monster Trucks.  Like 50% smaller.


And this green one was driven by a 7 year old!  No kidding, the kid was pretty much the same age as Sasha!  Awesome!

Our seats were front and center.  There's the announcer in the black shirt.

Anya was pretty excited. 

Sasha was too!  It was her first time back in about 4 or 5 years.


Drinking water and eating some popcorn.

Some of the side by side races

These are OK but get kinda redundant and boring

Anya didn't care

She just likes watching them drive around.

Then HE came

The 2nd best part of the show!

What Anya was super excited to see...


Truck-a-saurus immediately went to work on the car that was offered to it for lunch.

Sasha enjoys the carnage.

Anya will speak excitedly about this moment for the next few weeks.

Then Truckie went back to sleep.

And the Freestyle part of the show began!


This is the best part.

The trucks are super loud and flying all over the place

You can literally show up like 2 hours late to a Monster Truck show and not miss anything


Because this last 20 minutes is the real show.


Local boy Grave Digger is the favorite

Crush on Digger!

Waking up Mommy on Mother's Day

After breakfast it was time for presents.

Mommy got cards...

And lotions...

And candy...


And a Kindle!  Hurray for Mommy!


The girls get dressed up for Mothers Day Dinner


Anya gets distracted by a gallery on the walk to the restaurant.


Sasha wears her fancy hat that she bought at The Dollar Store.  
No fewer than 3 old ladies and a few other people stop by the table to complement her on it.


Anya watches Sasha to figure out her chopsticks

Then they both go to town on their noodles.

Happy Mother's Day Holly!

We Love You!

This week's request was Teddy Bear Pancakes.

Anya and Daddy go the Greek Festival in Norfolk

My new favorite thing to eat is Spanakopita

This picture was taken about 2 seconds before Anya dumped 1/2 this bottle of Coke down the front of her shirt.

While Anya and Alan were eating with the Greeks, Sasha and Mommy went with Michelle and Makenzie to a new Tea Party Restaurant.


There they had a fancy lunch and were indoctrinated with a belief in lower taxes and less government. 

Just kidding, it wasn't that kind of Tea Party!

There were fairies on the stairs today!


And one of them was a cheerleader too!

Look at the air this cheerleader is getting on the sofa.

Pretty girls!


Huggy sisters.  Aaawwwwwwwwwww!

Anya with a bucket of Legos = Trouble.

But she puts it down and tries to hide the mischief she had planned with cute poses.


Where's Anya?  There she is!

What a cute baby!


This was the first year we went to the Chesapeake Jubilee!

First the kids rode the helicopter ride (this seemed to be Anya's favorite)


Then the Flying Bees!

This was my favorite because the attendant forgot to ask for my tickets so we got this one for free!

Hurray for carnies!

This was the first big-kid type ride that Sasha has ever been on.  

And Anya was about 2 millimeters past the height restriction so she got to ride too!

It was probably just because she had on taller shoes than usual.

Then the fireworks started


This was actually the reason we came to the Jubilee


Anya was crazy excited to see fireworks this year for some reason, she's been talking about it for weeks.


This fireworks display is huge


We can usually hear it all the way over at our house in the next city


It was pretty awesome and we got to sit like right in front of it.


It's probably the best fireworks I've seen since we moved to Virginia.


We had more ride tickets to use up.


So this tugboat ride looked fun.

These inflatable balls that the kids run around in on water looked super fun but it cost extra, maybe next year.

We decided to finish out the night on the swings.

Anya was really excited to ride this one.  She loves swings.

She was less happy 5 minutes later as we left the festival.


But we promised to come back next year so she will ride again!

Today while Alan went to see the New Pirates of the Caribbean movie...

Sasha and Anya and Holly went to First Landing State Park for a hike.

They played at the playground after their picnic.

Sasha finds a climbing tree

This is the first tree she has ever climbed!

Anya follows her up

Good climbing girls!

Running around the forest

Back in a tree and down a trail

Hanging around and taking a jungle nap!

Sasha knocks over some deadwood

Hide N Seek in the Poison Oak

Then down the trails and into the forest

Sisters on a walkabout.

The forest is beautiful

A stop for a snack break

Sasha & Anya & Nature!

What a fun month!  And it's only a little over 1/2 done!


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