March & April

Featuring: Alan's 40th Birthday and Easter

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Some of Alan's fancy pancakes.  
Sasha displays the map of the country she created for her school project.  (The Cupcakes were her National Industry)
The presentation below goes with the map.  This was an early run-through, her final presentation was more polished.

The Presentation (Very Large File)

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Birthday party at  Chuck-E-Cheese


One of Sasha's classmates, Peyton


Sasha was most excited to have another reason to go to Chuck-E's.


Sasha consults a Irish Fortune Teller at a St. Patricks Day Festival at Towncenter.

At the International Festival a few weeks later in Norfolk


Baby animals to pet.  And Bounce houses to bounce in!


We got there before the lines were too long.

So the kids had free run of the place for a while.


Painting some arts and crafts.


Anya and Alan went to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival one morning,
 while Holly graded papers and Sasha went to a friends house to play.


The Festival was fun but there wasn't a lot for little kids so we spent some time on the playground.

Then we all met up again and went out for Alan's Birthday lunch at Pizza Pi.

THEN, I found out that Holly and Sasha wern't grading papers and playing at friends houses, 
they were setting up a surprise overnight hotel party for my 40th birthday at the Oceanfront Holiday Inn!

It was a total surprise, I don't know how Sasha kept it secret so well.

I got presents that represented each decade of my life.  Video games and candy for the first decade.
Then cologne and fancy lotions for the next.

Followed by Dinner and a Movie date for me and Holly!

And ending with a massage certificate for my tired and weak 40 year old body.

Hanging out on the balcony with my babies.

Look at my super cute girls!

Down in the kids playroom at the hotel, Sasha racks up the Bowling Pins.

Then it's time for the Lazy River Pool.

This was the reason they choose this hotel.

Holly and I stayed here a few years ago and thought the kids would love it.

Not too many people were here for the weekend.

We pretty much had the pool to ourselves.

Here we are watching the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Then we went and ate a small dinner downstairs then the kids went to bed. 
Holly and Alan watched Pay Per View.

The next morning we had breakfast at the buffet downstairs.

They had a really nice Omelet Bar and other yummies.

Sasha and Anya finished early and then just goofed off.


Dancing around until Mommy and Daddy finished pigging out.

Then since we had late checkout, back to the pool!

Sasha's pretty good at swimming with her water wings

And Anya's really good too, when  she's got the current of the Lazy River pulling her along.

Round and Round we went.

Anya likes to go in and out too.

Then round and round again.

OK, Time to go.  Back up to the room then home.

Presents from Mom & Dad Fisher.  Holly gets back to work.


Sasha sets up a pet store in the hall.

Each section of the store is labeled.

"Kitty Korner, Leshes, Puppy Palace"

"The Horse Coralale and the Play Box (which is Free!)"


Finally the month ended with Easter!
The kids are poised at the top of the stairs, ready to attack.

This year, in addition to the hidden Easter Baskets and candy filled eggs...

... Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans sent a Bazillion Beanie Babies!

They were hidden all over the place.

It took about an hour to find everything 

That Easter Bunny is a good hider!

Sasha models her new ears.

Anya has no self control around unlimited piles of candy

She's like the Fat German kid in the Wonka factory.  

But the Beanies were the stars of the holiday this year!

Sasha picks a new favorite every 30 seconds.

Look at all that loot!

Bunny Madness!

Sasha organizes her swag,  then Anya jumps on the stack.

It's a sister pile!

Sasha has so many she can make Beanie Baby Snow Angels!

Special Bunny Pancakes.

And the holiday ends with Popsicles in the family pool.


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