Father's Day!

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Father's Day!

Holly planed a trip across the bridge tunnel to the Eastern Shore

We stopped to eat lunch on the bridge

We got to eat out in the middle of the ocean!

Out on the fishing pier

At the hotel we were too early to check in so we waited...  in the pool!

This was the main reason for the trip

Anya and Sasha have been desperate for pool-time since my Birthday

Sasha swims, above and below.

Sasha and Daddy are Pool Pals!

Butterflies outside the restaurant we went to for dinner

The decorated the landscaping with clam shells

Sasha likes all the shells

Here's a playground we stopped at on the way back to the hotel

Like Sasha before her, Anya loves swings 

Back at the hotel we got there just in time to watch Star Wars!

Sasha was even wearing the right Jammies!

We usually make her sleep on the floor, but Anya cried so we let her sit on the bed (at least to watch the movie)

The next day we stopped in Cape Charles

Ran down to and played on the beach for a few minutes

Looked for shells

Walked out on this sandbridge

Sasha found a still articulated clam shell!

Then we left

And ended the day at the Japanese Grill.  Hurray!  Great Fathers Day!

The next weekend was Alan's favorite Festival of the Year

The Norfolk Bayou Boogaloo!

I bring the kids with me, but really I could just sit there for hours eating


I LOVE the food at this festival


Here's Wacky Chad!


This was Sasha & Anya's favorite performer

He was a pogo, comedy, juggling, unicycler

Here's Chad chatting up Sasha & Anya

They bought a Wacky Chad magnet that's on the fridge now and they wrote with magnet letters "We Love Chad"


Back for more food before the next show

Roasted Grilled corn and Beignets!

This was a contortionist named Alakazam

Here you see him squeezing his body through a squash racket.  That was crazy!

Here he's atop a pole, juggling knives


Next, I stupidly suggested we go watch the Zydeco band that was playing.  
When we got back to the performance area, they had just started a free Crab eating contest that I would have probably won.  :(

On the way home we stopped at the Waterside Fountain


The kids were more excited to play in this fountain than going to the festival


They were pretty patient while Daddy pigged out at the festival so they got to play for a while


And get totally soaked


Even Anya eventually got drenched 

The next day we went the the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia.  We had free passes from seeing Amococo earlier in the month.
We saw the Ultra-Realistic Sculpture by Marc Sijan.  That was pretty freaky.

Then we went to the beach


The kids love the beach and they are getting closer and closer to the water!


Maybe by the time they're in their late teens we can go boogie boarding?


Anya had this cute Little Rascals ring of sand around her eye by the end of the day.


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