The Amococo Luminarium

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The kids wanted Zooble Pancakes so I made Zooble Pancakes

Sasha used here Advanced Reader Points at school to buy a giant Beanie Baby and some markers

That weekend we experienced Amococo

I say we we "experienced" Amococo because it is an experience

Being inside this thing was amazing

It went on and on

looped back on itself

It seemed infinite

They pipe in new age music

The light things change from one chamber to the next

It's a huge inflatable and since it's on the beach you can feel the sand on the other side of the floor

It feels great under you feet or when you lay down in one of the pods

Sasha and Anya climbed the walls until we got yelled at for doing it

I never wanted to leave

It was so serene and peaceful and other worldly inside

I would love just be in here for like an hour or two a day 

It's hard to describe

It's like being on an alien world

or inside an alien mind or something

Anya finally got in the lounge of things

But she was restless to go

We tricked her into circling around for another 15 minutes or so


But eventually she found the exit

Amococo is awesome.  If it ever comes to you, drop everything and go.

Sasha and her class take a field trip to the Zoo!

DeMarco is excited to see the new primate exhibit.


Everybody queues up to get inside.

They had a little class about field animals first

Then off to the new Gibbon exhibit

Sasha, Andrea and Haley were on Team Holly!

Everyone takes a break

Does some picture posing.

In the African plains area of the Zoo

OK, Time to move to the next area

Giraffes and Elephants

"Hello there!"


Sasha and the boys who fight over her

Anya plays at the beach

She wants to go to the beach every weekend.

Anya plays up in the sand.

While Sasha now likes to play at the water's edge

Finally a tidal pool forms and that means its Boogie Board Time

They won't go in the ocean, but they like to pull each other through the pools

Ride the puddles Anya!


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