The New & Improved Children's Museum of Portsmouth

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They did a total remodel at the Children's Museum in Portsmouth.


It was closed for over a year while they made it bigger and better.

Sasha and Anya liked driving the bus.

This Tug boat was new


And you could fish from the bow!


After you catch a fish you could identify it on a board up on deck.

The Bubble room was pretty much the same

But just as fun as always

Look at that long Bubble!

A big Bubble full of sisters!


Sasha did great at the geographical dioramas.  Pick the country based on their stuff.


Here they are remote loading and unloading cargo ships

The train section seemed bigger than before too!

Sasha was scared to pop her head into this bubble surrounded by the tracks when she was little.


Anya likes playing with the toy trains

In this room they shrink the kids down so everything looks big!


Sasha uses the Doggy Door at this main street Pet & Vet clinic


Over at Engine Company Number 8

Sasha puts out some practice fires

Anya rides the cop chopper


Sasha rides too!

In the alternating exhibit room, this season it was all about Australia!


Sasha can jump 4 Feet, like a kangaroo!


Brushing some big chompers at the Dentist Office


Taking care of babies at the Dr. Office


Sasha & Anya are good little Doctors


Sasha even knows how to wrap and swaddle an infant.


Shopping at the grocery


Learning about weather


Making tornados and naming the planets


These were the physics displays


Sasha lifts an elephant!

Then she does it again with help from Anya!


Sasha lifts herself with pulleys, learns about sound waves.


In the arts section there is a stage with play clothes, backgrounds and lighting and sound effects


Doing some architectural design


poking on the pin peg wall

Anya plays for a while in the baby play room.

In the music room (AKA: The Noise Room)

Then back to the favorite room - Bubbles!!!!!


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