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Sasha & Anya love the handicapped swings at the New Trashmore Playground

Now that Sasha goes into the water, we go to the beach every weekend.


 Here she found a new friend to play with.

Here's the new part of the playground at the Chesapeake Fun Forrest.

Some kids burned it down last year but they rebuilt it bigger and better.
And with a new handicapped swing!

Anya hasn't been here in a couple years.


Last time she sat in this swing she was a baby!


Now she's a veteran master swinging three year old.

A hike through the woods at the Virginia Beach City Park later that same day.

Ended up at another playground!

Last weekend Holly came to the beach with us!


The water is super warm this year thanks to the unseasonably hot weather :)

Anya digs herself into a hole

This is a pretty good hole...  But check out this one!

It's huge!  Deep!  And Anya claims it as her own.

Meanwhile Holly and Sasha brave the waves.

Anya does some crater jumping!

Sasha joins in.

Anya like to get a huge running jump.

Alan tries out his new surfboard

I might be too fat for this one, so it will be the guest board and training board (fingers crossed) for Sasha & Anya one day.


As a kite boarder surfs by, we end another great day at the beach!


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