Gymnastic July

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Sasha & Anya prepare for their first gymnastics class of 2011.

And Anya's first gymnastics class ever!

Energy snacks before class.

As always, this year's sponsors for gymnastics are Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans!  Thanks!  We LOVE you!

Sasha's got a "leg up" on the rest of class

Anya follows the leader.

The first day of class was a huge success!


Butterfly pancakes!

Sasha's friend from school, Madelyn, invited Sasha as her "plus one" for Vacation Bible School.

Here they are on the last day doing their little show.

Sasha had a great time.

The church is down at the beach.

So after the show they had a beach party.

And in the spirit of the day...

...a miracle happened....

Sasha went into the ocean for the first time in about 5 years!

She played in the waves with her friends

Ran in and out of the water

Didn't freak out when it went above her ankles

Actually played in the waves!

It was a fun day at the beach

Time for refreshments

Then home.  V.B.S. was F.U.N.


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