Anya's 3rd Birthday!

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Continuing a tradition we started last year, We spent the day for Anya's birthday at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk!

First we took a walk through the garden.


Our first stop was the Children's Garden


The water park


That was the main event of the day


Sasha & Anya love running in these fountains


Anya was excited about doing this all week.

She moves from the smaller ones to the big fountain.


You get really wet in this one


It took a while


But I eventually pressured Sasha enough to get her to run through it.


Over at the playhouses the kids pump some water


While Anya & Carter play, Sasha and I went wandering around one of the children's gardens.

Back at the fountain the birthday girl and I took a break in a porch swing.


Then back to the splish splash


More puddle jumping


And fountaineering


Anya blocks the all the steam vents with her body


Anya finds a bubbly water rock.


This picture looks like she has powers to summon water from rocks.


  This picture shows her drinking the disgusting fountain water.

The kids play house

Using some stealth nature photography techniques, I'm able to capture Anya in her natural habitat.

Like sitting on spitting frog statues

Soaked Sasha.

Sliding out of the tree house

back at the big fountain

After the water we played in the new attraction for this year - mazes!

This was the sunflower maze.

This was a bee maze

This laundry maze was called the summer maze.

The kids didn't even try to follow the maze in this one.

The just ran under all the sheets.

This was the patriot maze.  It was shaped like a huge American flag.

The hay maze was fun but pretty tricky

Everyone cheated and jumped the walls.

After the garden we go to Anya's favorite restaurant


Anya gets presents including this cool undead teddy bear

The IHOP crew sing happy birthday

And Anya gets a free sundae

Then more presents!

It was a yummy fun afternoon

Back at home, the presents keep coming.

A new watertable from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher that Anya thinks is an indoor pool.

Sasha likes playing in the big box.

Cake time!  Happy Birthday Anya!

Playing with the awesome new Cars race track from Michelle and Carter.

Posing for a picture with the presents from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman & Aunt Barbara

Happy 3rd Birthday Anya!

(More presents to come at the big party at the end of the month!)


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