January 2011

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January starts off with Dylan's Birthday!

This year it was at Build-a-Bear!

Baby brother Coleman was excited by everything that was happening.

Sasha and Anya get their new Panda and Puppy stuffed.

Anika goes for the tummy pack to carry her new baby.

Makenzie gets a puppy.  We tried some of the outfits on Coleman to see how they would look first.


Next it was time for cupcakes!


Beary nice cupcakes by Michelle.


Sasha pretended she was a Zombie as she snuck up behind and chomped this bear in the back of the head.

Finally we ended the party with rides on the carousel.

Carter and Dylan rode on the second level.

Sasha had to get her favorite.  The black horse she named Lucy.

Christmas presents start to arrive from Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans!


Anya gets the Gabba robot Plex to go with the Foofa doll she got up in Michigan.  Her collection is 2/5 complete!

The next day a Teeter Totter came in the mail from Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans as well!

The girls are loving this!

It's fun and dangerous, all at the same time!  Weeeeeeeee!

Makenzie and Carter come over to play.  Everyone blows bubbles at Katrina's house.

Carter's got The Bubble Madness!

He tries to impress Anya with his bubbling technique.


Sasha finds my foreign coin collection and makes a self portrait.

The new playground at Mt. Trashmore.

This is the biggest best playground I have ever seen in my life.

It's got all kinds of things to play with/on that I've never seen before on any other playground.

It also features that new spongy floor so you can fall and not get too hurt.

It's so big and sprawling.

It's surprising that you don't have to pay to play on it!  It's that fun!

This area is just different climbing toys.

Anya and Sasha check them all out.


The playground was so fun we had to come back the next day and do it again.

We've been back many times already.

Anya gets so excited she sometimes just runs around in circles!

Go Anya go!

The girls love these handicapped swings.  They think they're like special rides or something.

There are at least 20 or more slides in the main play area.

Tandem, triples, etc.

Even this weird convex one that works best if you slide down on your knees.

It's so huge I have to tell Sasha to stay with Anya at all times because you can lose sight of them very quickly.

Especially Anya who never stops running and climbing and sliding.


There's all these cool new rock formations to climb on.


Anya really likes these.

Look at how high this one goes!

Anya had a little trouble on this one.  
127 seconds after this picture was taken, she had chewed through her coat sleeve and freed herself from one of the rocky outcroppings.


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