Halloween 2011

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Hanging out with lawn ornaments at the Farmers Market

Bubba's Pumpkin Patch and Professional Sign Design Inc.

The girls play with Bubba's pet goat.

Pumpkin Pals!


Darth Sasha and Jedi Master Anya suit up for the first time


They contemplate their powers


Alan beams with pride

And the battle between Good and Evil begins.

Master Anya gets in some early good hits.

But the dark side is strong in Sasha

She will not be vanquished this day.

Heading out for Trick or Treating in Downtown Portsmouth.

Vader takes the lead.


"...Tear this town apart until you've found that candy!"

Candy haul.  Night 1.


Saturday Morning.  Decorate your own Pumpkin Pancake for breakfast.


Anya's is as disturbing as always.


Today we start our Trick or Treating at Towncenter in Virginia Beach


"Perhaps we can find new ways to motivate the local merchants into giving us their candy?"

Free ice cream cones!  "Hmm. Control, control. You must learn control."


Later that day at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk


A zombie attacks but is quickly dispatched by Jedi Master Anya.  "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?"


Yoda and Darth Vader have never been more adorable.


Master Anya plays on a old log


"Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things."

Watching a puppet show

Spiderman, Harry Potter and Captain Kirk are all amused by the show as well.


Decorate your own pumpkin!
Sasha's design was later carved into this pumpkin.


Great job Anya!

Back home, time to gut the big pumpkins!


Sasha scooped them all out good...


...and Alan carved them up!


Halloween Night.  We head out into the neighborhood for proper Trick or Treating.


The pumpkins are displayed


It was still light when we started


But soon it grew dark

The "Halloween house" was glorious this year!

At the end of the night we approached this house.  
As Sasha Vader stepped onto the walk this perfectly dressed Stormtrooper snapped to attention and saluted her.  It was awesome!
Then we hung out with them for a while and talked about our costumes and Star Wars.


The final candy haul.

Sorting loot and cheering their success.

Happy Halloween 2011!


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