December 2011:  Early Christmas, Christmas Parade, Winter Festival, Holly's Birthday, Trashmore, Jess & Ben's Condo, Stomp Rocket

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Sasha gets a Nintendo 3DS from Uncle Beans & Aunt Dawn for Christmas

It was a low key and quiet present opening.


I guess she kind of likes it.

Mommy brought home Angry Birds treats!

The Christmas Parade at the beach

Anya was pretty excited for it to start


Pooh Bear!

The horror of the Go-Carts.  Alan takes a few steps back from the curb.

Anya liked the floats


And this tiny drum major.

Fancy decorated cycles

One of the big balloons


Marching bands from all the local schools

The "Ghost Buster" ambulance

This was the biggest balloon in the parade

This snowman balloon if sponsored by TCC (One of the schools where Holly teaches)

Maybe next year Holly and Sasha will be able to walk with it.

The Winter Festival at Sasha's school

First she ran in a mile fun-run

Hear that Grandpa Wiseman?  A Mile Fun Run!

Here she is crossing the finish line.


Playing some games in the gym.


Anya scores too!

Playing with the Keva Blocks again.  They love these things.

Gisselle, Anya & Sasha decorate Holly's Birthday cupcakes.

They did a great job!

When Holly came home she was so surprised.


Blowing out a birthday candle

The next morning, we prepare the Birthday spread


Anya and Sasha lay out all the treats, presents and goodies!


Mommy opens cards from Sasha & Anya


This gift basket for Mommy was custom made by Sasha & Anya


Sasha photographs the event (in 3-D!) with her new 3DS

Anya gives Mommy a birthday snuggle

Holly poses with her "Most Beautiful Mom" mug that Sasha bought for her at the school gift shop

Happy Birthday Holly!

Anya at the park for Mommy's birthday.

Sasha won't stop running

Holly LOVES playing on the new playground.

Some of Sasha's "Swimy" themed holiday art on our front door.  "Swimy" is their classroom pet fish.


We drove up to Jess & Ben's condo in Williamsburg to do the Christmas gift exchange this year


First we ate lunch...


Then on to the presents!


Everybody tears right in.

Coleman gets some help from Mom & Dad.

Sasha, Kenzie and Anya need no help

Coleman likes his Mickey Mouse and Anya got a cool Strawberry Shortcake remote control car.


Sasha got R2-D2 Operation and Kenzie got the DS game she "always wanted."


Playing with all the toys.

Sasha & Makenzie double up in a chair while Coleman munches a pumpkin torte.


Anya hangs out with her buddy, Santa!


Laughing and joking with Mr. C

Sasha makes her demands

Dylan has a long list to recite

Makenzie only asks for big ticket items

Santa has not yet earned Coleman's trust.  (Hint to Santa...  Toy's = Trust)


Anya goes back for a big Goodbye Hug.

Sasha shows off the sign at the Reception Center for the condo.  This amuses Coleman.


Sasha drives while Anya shoots dinosaurs


Then Anya takes the wheel.


Coleman takes a ride in the Wiseman family yacht

Everybody swims!


Makenzie does some underwater scuba

Then comes back up for air

Coleman swims with Mommy & Daddy

Swim buddies


Anya drives and Ben dives.


Sasha takes full advantage the new chocolate fountain at Golden Coral


The chocolate madness takes control

Anya got a new stomp-rocket for Christmas

They fly really high, especially when Daddy stomps on it!

Mommy gives it a stomp too!


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