Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman

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We had a snow before we left for Christmas.  Sasha and Katrina got started on a snowman.

We went to Cold Stone to use some coupons that were expiring.

Ice cream party!

Next we hit the road.

Sasha and Anya enjoy the beds at a new hotel we tried on the way up North.

At Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman's we went on a drive to see the lights in this super rich people neighborhood.


All of the pictures I took were blurry.  Next year I'll have to stop and get out of the car.

Sasha and Grandma sort through some stickers and stamps.

Bendy and Bryce stop by for a visit!

Everyone plays and eats popcorn.

It was a fun visit.  The kids all played Hide-N-Seek.

Anya takes turns on Grandpa's lap

Then Grandma's!

Sasha and Grandma make and decorate cookies.

Anya picks out colored sugars and candies for decorations.

Everyone licks beater batter.

Anya mixes and samples each bowl of frosting.

Grandma & Grandpa bought the kids snowpants!

Time to go try them out!

Grandma requested a snowman for the front yard.

The kids tried but the snow wasn't packing.

So they made a kind of happy snow blob.

Then Alan pulled the kids around on the old sleds.

The only hill around was the tiny bump in the back yard.

But if you get up enough speed you can good some air when Daddy pulls you over the edge.

Cookies are cool.  Time to decorate.

Sasha shows off a custom candy cane.

Cookies are fun but Anya finds presents!

And nothing is more fun than presents!

Sasha opens some new books!

Sasha gets a new stamp set and Anya gets some new books as well!

Sasha and Anya give Grandma & Grandpa the ornaments that they made.

Grandma & Grandpa enjoy looking at their new 2010 Sasha & Anya Yearbook.

They look back at all the fun we had last year.

While everyone was looking at the book, Anya uses the distraction to sneak back into the kitchen and start eating all the cookies.

Caught!  The case of the cookie bandit is closed.
Sasha models all the bows.

Then she gets everyone to wear one.

Grandma was super happy when she opened her My Name is Earl DVDs!


Holly and Sasha were happy too!

We had a fun Christmas with Grandpa & Grandma Wiseman.


Grandma & Grandpa are great!  We'll see you at Easter!


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