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Beautiful Frankenmuth Michigan.

The closest anyone really wants or needs to get to Germany.

Sasha and Anya ride the trolley to the room.


Then it's dinner downstairs.

Next we ran down to check out the arcade.

Slides, rides...



More games.

A quick snack in the snackbar

First some hoopin'


Then a big yummy soft pretzel.


Ready for pool time?  
Lucy takes a quick pee in the baby pool and then it's time to play!

Everybody in!  Aunt Mary's on towel duty.

Tess keeps an eye on Anya.  
The "Real Housewives of Frankenmuth"

Everybody starts off in the baby pool.

Anya eventually moves over to the Lazy River pool

Sasha's a great pool swimmer.

The water cannons around this pool can get annoying.  Jeff takes cover underwater.

Sylvie also heads under.  

Sasha and Anya get clingy.

Everybody piles on Alan as we move out to the nice warm main pool.

Tess and Anna get in on the underwater pics.

The whole family, looking cool at the pool!

Next we move to the arcade.

More Hula Hooping

More sliding

Lucy and Anika love the little kid play area.

Mark gets schooled by Maddie at the ping pong table.

Ping Pong 1

Ping Pong 2

Lucy Rides

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Sasha starts her ticket winning streak.

Anya loses a shoe and collapses from a fun-overload.

Maddie and Tess have a dance-off.

Dancin' Rowlands

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Grandma doesn't care what kind of casino it is, she plays to win big!

The motion ride.

It's kind of expensive so we pile as many of us on the seats as possible.


It is a fun ride!

Motion Ride

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Anya really loved it!

Back at the room for a mid afternoon nap and movie-break.

Sasha plays her first ever round of Putt Putt Golf!

Mark and Alan cross blades at the end of the links.

It's the birthday boy!

Anya invents a new drinking game.  
It had something to do with catching that 8-Ball then taking a sip of chocolate milk and slamming a beer.
We didn't really understand it.

Grandma keeps one hand on her purse when Tess is nearby.

Holly enters the Hoola Hoop contest


Sasha does well.  Sylvia provides the commentary.

For some reason it all comes down to a Hoop-off between Holly and Mark.

Hooping 1

Hooping 2

Hooping 3

Hooping 4

Hooping 5

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Hoop break.


Maddie texts someone about the refreshing taste of Pepsi

Alan starts to become concerned.  Anya is so loaded at this point, she doesn't even realize that she's the only one playing her drinking game.

The pizza arrives!

Mark and Angela step in front of Tess at the last minute to ruin a great picture.

We don't take too many family pictures, so we took 3 in rapid succession to make up for the rest of the year.

Back in the pool.  Anya paddles around in the family yacht.

Then she blasts some kids with a water cannon.

Then off to the big pool.  Alan does an underwater self portrait.

Sasha with a big toothless smile.
Mark tries to start a game of Marco Polo.  So we all left.
About 40 minutes later we all came back to this pool to tell him we were going back up to the rooms.

Lucy takes the yacht out for one last sail.  Anya towels-up for the walk to the room.

Time to cash in all those 100's of prize tickets for about 35 cents worth of prizes.

Sasha and Anya can barely hold all their prizes.  What a haul!

Back at Grandma's room, they display their trinkets.


Huggies from Grandma.

Time for the birthday boy to eat his cake and open a few presents.

Everybody sings.  Are you 1?  Are you 2?  Are you 3?......  2 1/2 hours later the song ends and we eat the cake.

You can tell Holly has the camera.  She fancies herself a portrait photographer.


2 nice pictures of Mark & Angela

2 more nice ones of Grandma & Grandpa


Another profile pic for Maddie's Facebook page?


Grandpa opens the 2010 Sasha & Anya yearbook for his first present.

The next morning it's time to go.


Time to get in the van and head back home to Virginia beach.

We start the hour-long goodbye process.

Nobody wants to let Anya go.

A last few pictures.


All the girls slept in this bed.  The boy-bed picture was even more disturbing.
Next time we should all get more than one room. 


In the hotel on the way home Anya does a bongo solo on Alan's bald head.

Back home in Virginia.  We had another great Christmas.  See you all next year!


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