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Grandma & Grandpa Fishers house is all ready for Christmas!

Santa watches over the house to make sure the kids aren't naughty.

Sasha & Anya have dinner with Sylvia and Lucy.

Then Anya finds some of the holiday sweets.

Time to play some wii

Christmas Eve activities commence.

Home Alone impressions, The Drum Major competition.

Cheerleader tryouts.


Maddie and Collin have a weird growth on the their shoulders.

Sasha and some teddy bears have dinner.

Sasha poses by the Christmas tree.

Later that day Anna drops by.

Everybody watches some TV

Makes some faces


And then decorates some cookies!

Lucy shows off some of her handy work

Anya, smocked up, works the assembly line as well

It was like a little Chinese Cookie Factory.

The labor force takes a moment to pose for a few pictures.

Anya makes a break for it.

Alan lounges while the children earn their keep.

Time to suit up for the Christmas Eve Night Offering.

Quit posing for pictures!  The creatures of the forest demand their alms.


Anya gets ready too.


Mark bundles up and prepares to brave the horrors of the forest as well.

Sylvia is properly sanitized and ready to go.
We head out into the quaint turn-of-the-century winter holiday scene that is Downtown Saint Johns.

At the caution shelter we double check our gear and lock and load our treat bags before entering the wood.

Anya, Sylvia and Anna form up and take the point.

Anya scouts ahead in search of the elusive forest creatures of the night.
Sasha leaves her first offering, a peanut butter and bird seed encrusted pine cone.


Eventually Anika insists on being carried the rest of the way.

Back at the house we do a head count and congratulate each other on surviving yet another feeding mission to the night forest.

Exhausted, Anya passes out almost immediately.

Everyone else opens their Christmas Eve PJ Presents!

 And models their fancy new sleepwear.

The next morning Santa has left another Christmas bounty.


Anya gets a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed present pile.

Sasha asked for Star Wars this year and Santa delivered, in abundance!

 A wide angle of the whole lot

Christmas morning before the chaos.


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 The kids enter and screams of joy fill the house.

Sasha runs over to take stock of her new Star Wars toys!

Anya, still half asleep doesn't really know what's going on.

Sasha finds a beeping R2-D2

Then does a quick solo and rocks her Paper Jams guitar.

Anya starts to figure out what's going on and finds a present with her name on it.

Overwhelmed, Anya collapses on the floor and cries for a few minutes.

She then wakes up more and finds a pillow pet with her name on it!

Sylvia loves her Flip video camera.  
Sasha keeps counting and Anya keeps crying.

Sylvia shows off more swag

And pants! The Greatest Christmas Gift of All!

Anya recovered from her latest crying/sleeping jag gets a button as a present from Sasha!

Now the present opening really gets going.

Christmas Morning 1

Christmas Morning 2

Christmas Morning 3

Christmas Morning 4

Christmas Morning 5

Christmas Morning 6

Christmas Morning 7

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Holly and Alan get gifts that Sasha bought all by herself at school. 


Sasha gets a Chipmunks I Can Read book.

Sylvia gets a couple Teacup Pigs!


Anya and Sasha each bought Daddy Zombie books!  His favorite!

Anya opens her refrigerator magnet gears toy.  
(That she and everyone else plays with every single day since we got home, it's one of the most popular toys in the house right now.)

Anya gets some Gabba cards.

Anya also shows off the stars of her Mickey and Minnie Collection!

Lucy has spent most of the morning playing with her new magnetic blocks.

Grandma & Grandpa gets presents too!

Grandpa gets some Christmas Story Ovaltine.
Angela opens some Christmas and Birthday presents.

Mark gets some winter gear and a unique glove set for his freakish 3rd hand.

The kids film each other with the Flip.


Then watch it


Then film each other again.  This goes on for a few boring hours as Alan watches.

Finally Sasha and Anya decided to get dressed.

Then they all performed a little number over on the window ledge.

Lucy's part in the show required an elaborate costume change.

Ok, everybody ready to go to the Rowlands for Christmas Day?


Holly samples the coffee.


This was the food spread minutes before it was set upon.

Anna, in her Christmas elf outfit, is ready to pass out the presents.

In the spirit of Christmas love and togetherness Tess texts her dad with a holiday greeting.


Jeff accepts the text and spams it forward to Sylvia.

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Sasha and Anya tear into their presents.
Sasha gets an awesome Fairy set.

Anya gets a cool huge trunk of Dinosaurs!

Anna gets Rapunz-stuff.  Sasha gets a teacher kit.


Anya gets a Gabba bed set which she immediately puts to use.

Sasha opens a Jr. Camper set and Anya gets a Gabba Foofa!

Angela gets her annual bottle of Whiskey and Sasha gets an armful of Fairy books.


Mark captures a moment and Sasha opens her Sea Monkeys.

Alan gets every zombie thing on his wish list!

Christmas Day 1

Christmas Day 2

Christmas Day 3

Christmas Day 4

Christmas Day 5

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Anya opens her Rocket, which will, once we get home, become the most popular toy in the house.
Mark opens his fake GPS.

Then his real Beatles Box set.  Nice!


Grandpa opens his new electron microscope and is finally able to complete his depraved and misguided stem cell research.


Jeff asked for, and got, a saber fencing kit for Christmas


So now Maddie and Jeff can settle their Father/Daughter disagreements like gentlemen.

Holly, who never makes a wish list asked for a book, so that's what she got!

Holly likes to take a portrait montage every year when we visit.

Looks like these are the folks that made the list this year.

These 2 are constantly cuddled up for a picture

Anya goes for an inverted portrait this year.

Angela and Mark do their "Book Jacket" Poses.


Well that's the end of Christmas.


and Anya plays us out!


The next day the kids do some Grandma cuddling

Some dancing or something with a toy vacuum cleaner.


Sasha helps Grandma make dinner for Aunt Mary's arrival dinner.

And helps Aunt Angela peel some garlic.


A picture of Grandpa taking pictures almost causes a tear in the fabric of the universe.

Everyone arrives and gathers around Aunt Mary.  Or maybe it was just the fruit tray?


Goofy cousins.

Our "Goodfellas" Dinner


Anya lapses into a food coma and loses consciousness.

Dinner is done.  Time for the present opening of Christmas 2!

Aunt Mary's got more presents for all the kids!

Anya locates hers.

It's a bundle of Sock Monkey stuff!

Kisses for Aunt Mary and a snuggle with Grandpa.

Christmas 2

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Mark got all the Tangled things on his wish list!


Aunt Mary gets presents too!


Mark lets Sylvie play with his Rapunzel doll.

Sasha plays with Tess's cell phone.  Practices calling random numbers in Asia and Europe.

Anya makes the huggie rounds

Plays with Anna, raids the fudge plate.


More huggies with Grandma and a cuddle with the cat?

Lucy practices her "Kubrick Stare"

Sasha and Anya at our annual lunch with John and Andrea at El Azteco


Andrea's got twins on the way!  Hurray!


All 8 of us!

Time to get ready to go to Frankenmuth!


Ready girls?


OK, everything's packed and ready.  Now Alan just has to wait for another couple hours.


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