The Star Wars Birthday Party

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A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away......     Sasha wakes up 7 years old and finds breakfast in bed


Served up by her cousins!


Immediately, we begin setting up the decorations and making preparations for what will be the biggest, best Star Wars birthday ever!

Michelle arrives with her masterpiece R2-D2 Cake!  This amazing cake was one of the highlights of the day.


Anya helps set the table...

....with Star Wars table wear

Alan sets up the food:  Jedi Jelli Beans, Star Destroyer Pizza slices, Wookie Dip & Emperor Palpatine Potato Chips

The Yoda Sodas are chilled and ready


Uncle Jeff carves the Death Star Watermelon

Anna helps with the decorations


Classic Star Wars Poster.  Jedi Training Corner Arsenal.

Model ships hang from the ceiling

The walls are decorated with Star Wars decals and Star Wars Pog Confetti litter the floor

Sasha and Anna prepare the Gungan Goodie Bags with Inflatable light up sabers, Star Wars pencils, stickers, etc..

The present pile is growing!

Sasha and Anna hide asteroids around the yard filled with Star Wars toys donated by our friend Don from our favorite local store "Cool Stuff"

The custom made Star Wars Bean Bag Toss (or as they call it in the South: Corn-Hole) is ready for play.


In addition to the store bought decorations, Sasha and Anya drew some scenes from the movie as well.
Above the Stormtrooper decal you can see the famous battle between Vader and Luke as the Emperor looks on.


This first picture is Anya's first Star Wars picture.  You see Darth Vader on the left and R2-D2 in blue in the middle.
Sasha loves drawing the Death Star.


Holly is ready to star filming.


Star Wars coloring books that were laid out all around the house (each kid got to take one at the end of the party.)


The guests start to arrive and sign in the Guestbook.

kids color and play while we wait for everyone to arrive

Baby Coleman likes (to eat?) the confetti.


Uncle Jeff, Aunt Lisa and Anna take a breath before the fun begins!

Star Wars Episode 4 plays on the TV throughout the party

Anya gets ready to party


Sasha is ready too!

More kids arrive


On TV Princess Leia hides plans for the Death Star in R2 then hides from the Stormtroopers.
Tess was one of the official photographers for the event.  Thanks Tess!

More kids arrive


Dylan double flips off the camera.  Anya thinks this is hilarious.

Jess, Michelle, Ben, Bill, Coleman & Carter kick off the snacking

Star Destroyer Pizza slices are served with Yoda Sodas

We then hear the music queue for the Imperial March playing in the living room.  
Everyone crowds in as smoke descends the stairs followed by Special Guest Star: Darth Vader!

Vader approaches the crowd.


The kids grab light sabers to defend themselves.  Everyone gets their picture taken doing battle with Darth Vader!  Cool!

Makenzie and Amarhi

Sasha & Gisselle

Anna & Demarco

Katrina & Audrey

Dylan and Coleman

Bill and Carter.  Tess.

Ben gets in a few good stabs as well.


Madelyn offers the final death thrusts


And just before he dies, Vader finds true love.


Holly makes a run to Rite Aid after the pictures are taken and prints off one for each kid to take home.

Goodbye Darth Vader!  Thanks for coming to the party!

Outside the games begin.

The first game is The Hoth Asteroid Field Asteroid Hunt.  Odds of finding a toy were better than 3720 to 1.

Again, Thanks to Don at "Cool Stuff" for sponsoring this part of the party by donating the toys.

Everyone finds an asteroid

And unwraps their toy!

There were all kinds of cool things

As the last kids find their toys, Sasha tosses a few bean bags.

The next game was Padawan Jedi Light Saber Training

Everyone had to keep their balloons in the air with their inflatable light sabers

This game ended quickly because it was a little windy and so hot that if the balloons touched the grass, they would pop!

Most of the kids had to go get a second balloon.

But it was fun watching them run around the yard with the lightsabers

Trying to keep the balloons from popping.

I think Demarco and this red balloon lasted the longest

Anya and Audrey give up and take a swing break

Balloonless kids help the ones who are still in the game.

Aunt Elissa video tapes the fun.  Thanks Lisa!

Finally light saber training draws to a close.

The next game is to release Han Solo from a block of carbonite.

The kids have to pour water over the block of carbonite (ice) to release the Han Solo figure frozen inside.

This took much longer than I expected.  Even though it was like 90+ degrees.

But that's OK.  It made up for the Balloon Jedi Training being so short.

The night before Elisa wanted to use a tupperware container to make some salad dressing...

....I had to tell her "No.  You can't use that container.  I need it to freeze Han Solo!"

That's a sentence you probably only get to say once in your lifetime.

Also you would think freezing Han in the center of an ice block would be easy, right?

It's not.  Getting him in the center is harder than you think.

It took about 4-5 different attempts and methods

I eventually figured it out.

OK, back to the party.  Looks like they almost have Han Solo released from the ice.

A new bucket of water and a few more cups

Some prying...

... and voila!  Han Solo has been rescued by Princess Sasha and Princess Anna of Alderan

Now the kids mill about playing with their toys

Tossing the Star Wars Bean Bags

Ben and Bill get in on the Cornhole action.

It's especially hard with kids running all over the place

But they score some holes.


The idea is to get your Bean bag in a hole about the size of a Womp Rat.  
I knew a guy who could bull's-eye them from his T-16 while flying around Beggar's Canyon.

Dylan finishes off the ice block


Amarhi does some gymnastics

Anya keeps on swinging

Time to open presents

Sasha sits in the present opening chair and the gifts keep coming


Anya moves over to one corner of the room so she can open her gifts as well

Tearing into bags and boxes

A 3-D Solar System from The Bolls.  And Ewok from Mommy & Daddy.

Sasha loves this little Ewok


Cool Grinch shoes from the Hansens


Bath toys for Anya

More Petshop stuff

Some Fairy presents from the Rowlands

Old School Tinker Toys from Mommy & Daddy and a Jelly Fish Aquarium from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.


A new Green Light Saber from Mommy & Daddy!

A Darth Vader Costume from Mommy & Daddy!

A cool Monster Truck with Motorcycles for Anya from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.

A Yoda costume from Mommy & Daddy

And a talking Yoda plush doll

A Old School Super Spirograph!


What's in this bag?

New shoes from the Hansens


Cindy Lou Who Shoes!

Sasha opens a Star Wars tent from Mommy & Daddy

Then a Croquet set from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher

There were tons more presents

This went on for about 40 minutes.

Eventually we all went back outside for a play break

We tested out the new Croquet set!


We have a big L-Shaped yard now that makes for a good course.

Playing with Star Wars toys from the Asteroid Hunt

Anya finds one that was missed in the corner!


Jess and Michelle talk about girl stuff - Shoes and hair care I assume.

Coleman gets his hands on a giant hammer!  Makenzie stays inside to watch the rest of the movie.

Gisselle and Katrina do some coloring.

Sasha tries out her new Star Wars beach chair.

Finally it's time to eat that R2-D2 cake!

Everyone gathers round.

Alan lights it up

R2 is ablaze


Everyone sings Happy Birthday and then Sasha blows out the candles.

Then the many layers of cake are devoured.

This cake was as yummy as it was cool looking!  Thanks again Michelle!

Cake eating went on inside and out

After cake more backyard play

And light saber sparring

Blasters and bubbles!

Tess helps Anya with the Bubble saber, while the boys surround Gisselle.

Inside the party winds down

Coleman eats.... something?

Dylan looks sleepy.

The Star Wars party was the biggest and best birthday party ever!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it the great success it was!


Sasha tries on her new Darth Vader costume.  A foreshadowing of Halloween this year?  We'll see!

May the Force be with You!


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