August 2011

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Sasha, Anya and Gisselle test out Sasha's new Birthday Slip-N-Slide

They don't quite understand how it works

Anya and Gisselle try, but no one makes it all the way to the end.

Anya and I snuck out one night and went down to Beach Street to see the entertainers and the fireworks

They do this all summer long at the oceanfront.

Holly and Sasha spend the day at the Chrysler Museum

Sasha was super excited to visit the museum again


Curious George was there!


It also happened to be a children's day so Sasha made some art!

Then got to eat yummy museum food.

Another day on the Slip-N-Slide

On this day our guest slipper is Madelyn

Anya is much better now and slides far.

It was a backyard fun day!

Sasha added a bunch of balls to the slide for more excitement!


We spent an afternoon at First Landing State Park

They have lots of good trees for climbing.

And hills to run up...

...and down.

More climbing trees

Anya works her way up.

I hid a treat in the roots of this tree and told the girls that a squirrel must have left the treats for them.

Next we embarked on a hike.  So long girls!

They walked for a while until they realized we were not with them  :)

The wonders of the forest.  A close up of a Dragonfly.


The beach at the park.  Lots of tankers were anchored in the bay.

Here's a picture that I took out the front door during Hurricane Irene.  
I should have taken a video clip because all these trees were swaying like crazy.
For more information see the Hurricane Blog.

During the Hurricane, my family abandoned me and ran to hide in the mountains of Staunton, Virginia.


They played at a fancy hotel and swam in the pool.


They toured the mountains.


Stopped at scenic overlooks.


Did little dances on rocks at scenic overlooks

Witnessed the beautiful mountain vistas.

They had a super fun time.


They never wanted to leave...

...this specific scenic overlook.

For the last day of gymnastics I went and took some pictures

The girls showed off their skills

Sasha doing some bar and balance work

Then over to the rings

This wasn't part of her routine

Mostly just some free-style gymnastics


Anya and the Funny Bugs do some dancing


Look at that perfect form!


Her arm styling and corrida are magnificent!

Her parachute skills are also unmatched.


Anya also takes to the rings


And does some Monkey swings?


Some tumbling floor-work

Anya is awesome at doing these Tummy rolls.

And fearless.

She just dives right in!

Here's Alan & Holly doing "splats" with Anya where you run and dive at this mat and knock it over.  I'm still kinda sore from this.

This lady next to us looks really nice in our family picture.

Pirate girls!


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