Sasha and Mommy go to Alabama for Mardi Gras 2011

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Captions dictated by Sasha

My first plane ride!

I was doing a puzzle then I got tired but I didn't fall asleep.

I stayed up at night at Grandma & Grandpa's

We just got there and we were looking around our house.


Me and Grandma found a bunch of stuff on a walk together to make a fairy habitat.

Here I'm coloring a picture.


We went to Target and Grandma & Grandpa got me fairies!


I came home and put the fairies in the habitat and got a bowl of water for the pond.


I set it up and went to bed.


I woke up and played.


Then we went to a strawberry shortcake place.


Getting strawberry shortcakes.


I'm going to eat them.  They were a little bit good.  I didn't really like the cake part.


I liked the whip cream the best.

Next they went out for coffee.


Me and Grandpa went around the mall and at the end I got ice cream.

I'm reading a fairy comic to Grandma.

Grandma & Grandpa and me took a walk to the Clubhouse.


Grandpa was reading.

 I'm sitting on the chair outside.

We looked at golf course.

We left the clubhouse and looked at the golf course.

Grandpa played some kid of bally game and I'm in the gym area on one of the runny thingies.

We were looking at the pool but it wasn't open.

I was playing on a big bouncy ball.

Sashercise 1

Sashercise 1

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 The bag for Mardi Gras is on my head.

We're going on our first parade.

We're getting ready to see the parade.

Looking at flowers and I got a cupcake.


The parade is starting right now.


We're getting ready to catch things.

I'm sitting in a chair to wait for it.

We're taking a picture before the parade.


 That's one of the floats.

We got back home with all our stuff.

I'm playing with my bat and I got a sword too!

I'm looking at all the beads I got.

Loot 1

Loot 2

Loot 3

Loot 4

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I'm playing with all my stuff I got.

Those are all beads.

I have little bumble bee antennae on.

I'm in the gym room again.

Grandma's eating a mooncake.

We're getting ready to go to the next parade.

We're getting ready to see it.

We're sitting down.

Catching beads from the big float.

Float Drive-By

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Catching a bunch of toys.


 Having dinner at Lamberts.  I'm eating vegetables. 


I'm beating everyone at Yatzee.


I'm looking at all the toys I got now.


I'm on the suitcase ready to go with my dolphin.

We're at the airport and we're ready to go.

Me and Mommy are on the airplane.

We're at the airport in Atlanta.

In Atlanta we got stuck and we got to stay at a hotel.


Now at morning we are getting on the plane.


 I'm looking out the window and there's a bunch of clouds.

I think that trip was really super fun.


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