September Stuff

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This is Daisy.  I thought I took pictures of her somewhere and posted them when she was a caterpillar, but I can't find them.
Anyway, she was born the day after Grandma, Grandpa, Beans & Dawn left.  Holly and Sasha took good care of Daisy!

One day while I was working and Anya was home she disappeared into her room for about 20 minutes.  
Whenever you can't hear Anya doing anything you can assume with near 100% certainty that she is up to no good.  
She eventually came and got me and led me to her room by hand.  She pushed open the door and with a big beaming smile of pride, she said "Ta-da!"  
She has emptied all the nicely folded and organized clothes out of her dresser.  Great job Anya!


Holly's cousin Emmie came to town and invited us to meet her family for brunch in downtown Virginia Beach.

Anya and Sasha love the fountains in Town Center


In fact they loved them so much, I spent most of brunch walking Anya down to the fountains to keep her from screaming and smashing plates in the restaurant.


Eventually Sasha wanted to get away too.


Sasha does her fountain dance.


After brunch, all the kids wanted to play at the fountains.


Donovan & Brandon join Sasha & Anya for fountain fun!


One more walk around then it's time for....

Ice cream!

 Hurray for ice cream!

It was nice seeing cousin Emmie, Errol, Brandon and Donovan!  Come back and play again!

Random backyard bubble-time!

Anya loves the bubbles, and her new "big girl swing!"

She's a swinging toddler now!

Way to play girls!

Sasha gets out some of Daddy's old toys.


That he got from Santa for Christmas, circa 1976

The old Tonka stuff holds up well!

Back before video games we played with these little water and bubble games.  Sasha finds their "retro charms" irresistible.


This is Cuddly!  Our new caterpillar.


I didn't think she would want to go because she hates the noise, but Sasha's teacher mentioned the Oceana Air Show, so Sasha decided she wanted to go.

We got there kind of late in the day.  I didn't realize the Blue Angels were the finale.

Sasha was bored waiting for the show to start so here she is trying watch Spongebob on my iPod.

After a while they were up.


Zipping about and doing the Blue Angel thing.

I think this trick is called Upsee-Downsee.  And this next one is Follow the Leader.

I like watching air shows.


I got some pretty good shots with my camera.

Like these...

...and these.

Sasha hated the noise.

Here's a trick where they all separate.  And here's the same trick at the air show Alan saw in 1972.

And here's Alan and his Dad at that air show watching the Blue Angles in 1972.

Back to the present.  Sasha poses with planes.

Sasha was really excited about touching and playing with the planes.

Here she is in a huge helicopter

Also in the jump seats in the back

Sasha liked posing under the wings

Here she is driving a giant steam shovel

That thing could scoop up her whole class


Hopefully she didn't bend this prop too much.


A peek into Air Force 2 and some giant hoola hoopin'

Finally some time in the cockpit.


The next weekend we went to the Neptune Festival!

First we watched the parade.  We've never actually gone to the parade part of the festival before.

Anya loved the parade.


 Uh oh, here come the "Shriner-type cars"  Look out Kids!

Followed closely behind by an ambulance to clean up all the broken legs and carnage.


The sand Castles were pretty awesome this year.  I really liked this BP Oil Spill one.


Here's something that has never happened to me before.  We got to the event and I had forgotten to put the memory chip in my camera.


It was still in my laptop from the night before when I dumped all the pics off it to make room for The Neptune Festival!


I also, for some reason, didn't have any of the other 3 or 4 memory cards I own in my camera bag.


So before the parade I bought a new card at crazy inflated oceanfront tourist prices.


But I couldn't get it to work!

So for the whole day at the Neptune Festival, I had to take pictures using Holly's phone.


Luckily the memory card I bought had a tiny phone memory card included so I just used that all day.


I guess the photos turned out pretty good for a phone.

 But it was disappointing and I couldn't take as many pictures as I usually do at a big event like this.


Sasha loved this Robot Fish.


Anya liked the sculptures but what she really wanted to do was get out of the stroller and smash them.

So she didn't enjoy them as much as she wanted.

But it was a fun day anyway.

And there were French Fries and Lemonade so it all turned out OK.

That night we went back to the beach.


We watched fireworks on the beach with Makenzie and Carter at their grandparents condo.


We were far enough down the beach that the sound wasn't too loud.


So Anya really liked the fireworks.

 And running around the beach in the dark was fun too!

These last 2 pics were probably one of our last trips to the beach this year.
It was encouraging that by the end of the year Sasha was almost in the water!


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