Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans - All at the same time!

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OK.  This is a huge photo spread of the first, and perhaps only, time all the Wisemans were in Virginia Beach at the same time.


Grandma & Grandpa arrived early on Friday afternoon and took Sasha School clothes shopping.  
The picture above was a flyer Sasha posted for her fashion show.  (That's her on the catwalk with stage and spot lights.)

 Here she is striking some poses in her outfits,

She's got the walk.  Anya shows us a flyer she has made for the occasion as well.

She's got the look.  Including the "over the shoulder"


A look of indifference off camera, followed by a snarky "Bill Murray finger point" with a wink.


Anya stretches a Space Monkey.  Sasha shows off a sweater-dress with scarf ensemble.


For the final "signature look" of the back to school collection, a elegant Bangalore floral pattern dress accented with cropped sash tie knit.


Anya finishes the show with a strange bottom wiggling pose.

Then attacks the paparazzi.


Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans arrive at the beach.


Time to take advantage of the hotel pool.

Cool above and below water views of Sasha in full swim.

Everybody piles on Daddy while Grandpa watches from the rail.

Down on the beach.

Everybody pokes a toe in the ocean.

Alan & Beans start boogie boardin'

It was kind of a rough surf.

Sasha runs back and forth in the tide.

The waves were pretty big, look how high that is above my head.


Back on shore Sasha keeps watch


  It was a fun day at the beach but Aunt Dawn and Grandpa couldn't really play because the next day was raceday!

The night before the marathon Beans rode his bike down the boardwalk and clicked a pic of the finish line during the fireworks. 

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The race started at 7am, but we walked down to meet them near the finish line at about 9:30am
(That's Alan getting excited as he passed the beer tent)


We got our signs all ready

Then we waited.  That yellow in the 2nd picture is a huge line of tables covered in bananas for the runners as they finished.

All those people on the boardwalk inside the gates are runners finishing the race.

Here comes Aunt Dawn across the finish line!
This picture was actually copied off the official marathon website that I linked above.

Here she is when she saw us waving our signs.

Beans had Aunt Dawn and Grandpa tagged with his iPhone so we were able to track them and their time as they crossed certain checkpoints in the race.


We waited for Aunt dawn to collect all her post race swag and come back to find us.
A group of pelicans did a fly-by.


 Uncle Beans massages Aunt Dawn's sore legs while Sasha and Anya eat her regenerative bananas.


Aunt dawn loves her signs!

The girls are excited to see her.


Sasha gets enlisted to help with post race stretches.


We wait for about an hour more...

And Grandpa finishes the race!


Here's his time!

This is a huge accomplishment for both Grandpa & Aunt Dawn!
They've been training for this all year and this is the longest race they have ever run!


We wait a little while for Grandpa to find us.

Hurray for Grandpa!  We love you!


We're super proud of you both!  Finishers!  Awesome!


Later, that afternoon, Sasha and Anya get taken to Build a Bear for their birthday presents from Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans.


Anya was a little sleepy so Uncle Beans had to rouse her with his famous ear flicks.


Finally she woke up and got in the spirit.


They picked out their animals and headed over to the fluff blaster.


They crammed the little hearts in there and then got em stuffed.


Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans finally got to witness the phenomenon that is "Build-a-Bear"


All stuffed and ready to go.


Sasha heads over to the post-stuffing fluff and grooming area.


Uncle Beans helps Anya with her primping.

Then he helps her pick out an outfit for her new little friend.


Finally it's time to register and fill out the birth certificate.


Anya was kinda crabby since we woke her up so her bunny was named "Noooo Noooo" after her response to nearly everything that afternoon.

But it was a fun day.  That's for sure!

The next day, away from the tourist beach, we head down to Alan's secret spot.

Sasha and Anya get to work immediately.


Anya loves the beach but still not the water.

But she does like looking at it.


In the background Alan and Beans do some surfing while up front Grandma does some boogie boarding.


Alan almost got up on this one.


Uncle Beans got up for one or two good rides but we missed it with the camera.


 Sasha once again takes shore duty


Grandpa rides the waves.

And Grandma catches a few too!

Boogie Boarding is fun!


There's a moment, when you catch the wave, where you are as happy as you can possibly be.  As seen above.

 Uncle Beans always looks like he's posing for a magazine cover.

Some more candid shots of Aunt dawn


Alan gets in some good rides too!

You just gotta get in front of it.

It's an Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans pile up!


Alan rides the wave then gets overtaken by one.

Aunt Dawn's in the pipeline!


Look at this little guy!  That's supposed to be Sasha!  :(

By this time of the day we're pretty much pro boarders.


I got this good shot then got swamped by the wave.

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans:  Action Couple!


Is that fun Aunt Dawn?


Holly and the girls watch from the shore.

Anya gets her toes wet.

Now it's time for Uncle Beans to help build the ultimate sand castle.

First they build up a big foundation


Uncle Beans uses "Monk Hands" to figure out the design.


Now they add some flags and a stick gate around the moat.


The final product is a masterpiece of sand architecture. 

Here's Aunt Dawn unknowingly doing a Chuck Barris impression.

Grandma & Grandpa had to leave the next morning so at the end of the day it was time to say goodbye.

Hugs and kisses with Grandma.

Thanks for coming to visit us!


We love you!


The girls show off Sasha's new skateboard before bed.


That night Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans came over to watch a zombie sheep movie.


The next morning before they left, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans came over to see Sasha off for her first day of 1st Grade!


It was fun to have an entourage to send her off on her first day.

Alan video tapes while Holly goes out to talk to the kids.


And she's off!  Bye Bye Sashi!


Grandma & Grandpa take a rented car (and Uncle Beans surfboard) back home 
and leave us a super terrific awesome present that is going to give us a lot more room everywhere we go!

Thank you so much for everything (including the van)!  We had a terrific visit!


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