Citizen of the Month Goes to The Children's Festival

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So here's Anya eating a carrot and then passing out mid-poptart

For the 2nd Year in a row..  Sasha is Citizen of the Month for her first month of school!
Here she is with her new great friend and neighbor, Katrina.


Anya got to come to the awards ceremony this year and she couldn't be more proud.

The vice principal called each student up to receive their award.


Also they won free Cold Stone Ice Cream, Free Karate Lessons & Free Putt Putt Golf!


Sasha displays her award certificate.


 Anya enjoys the complimentary doughnuts!


Sasha came home from school that day wearing a crown, which we thought was a bit much.

For the first year, Mommy got to come to the Children's Festival!


And we also got to debut our new double stroller so Sasha can stop whining about walking at festivals and other events!
Look at Anya in the 2nd picture: great face!


Holly drives the kids up to the gate!


First stop...  Tea with Alice in Wonderland.


Tweedle Dee tries to make friends while Alice sets out tea.


Sasha and Anya splinter off and have their own "tea party"


The Mad Hatter puts the moves on the Red Queen.


Anya gathers things then hides in a flamingo patch.


The Hatter invites himself over for tea, but Anya just wants to pick flowers for Mommy.


Anya thoughtfully selects a tutu from the Piperlime Dress Up tables then heads over to the L'Oréal Paris Makeup Studio.

She's Fabulous!  
Sasha dresses up as a pre-vixen Miley Cyrus.


More dress-up fun.

Daddy waits on line at the hair braiding tent while Anya finds Lego-Land.

Anya puts the pieces back together.


Anya lost in Lego thought.


Then she rides hard!


Mean while Daddy's waiting paid off.


Sasha gets the ribbon braid she always wanted and we get a good picture of her first lost tooth!


Look at the Beautiful girl with the ribbon in her hair!

Anya has entered Toddler Town.

First a stop at Playdough Station.

Then she commandeers a few riding toys.

Anya is Master of all things in Toddler Town.

Even trees are fun at the Children's Festival!

And colored barricades, we'll never forget the colored barricades!  Good times!

Lastly, here's a super-cute picture of Sasha coming home from school one day.  She looks like a kid from a Macy's catalogue.


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