The Chrysler Museum & Busch Gardens 

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Holly & Sasha took a school field trip to The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk.


The didn't allow cameras in the museum so here's a few pics at school and on the way there.


For the first time in about 8 years, Holly and Alan got to go to an amusement park!

 We went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg for


We finally got to ride the Griffon!  See that first hill that looks straight down?  It is!

  • The world's fastest dive machine coaster (71 mph).
  • The world's only multi-inversion dive machine coaster.
  • The world's first floorless diving machine coaster.
  • The world's first roller coaster to feature 10 across seating.
  • The world's first dive coaster to include two Immelmann inversions.

The Griffon

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Here we are playing dead in a couple's casket.

We took pictures of this Sesame Street area to try and entice the kids.


Hopefully they will get excited and want to come play someday.

 They go all out with the decorations for Howl-O-Scream.

Here we are on the old folks Boat Ride.  We're so extreme!


This last pick is this guy on stilts who quickly paints these cool Halloween murals.  It's part of the dinner theater show in the Italy section of the park.

It was a super fun day!


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