October 30, 2010.  Washington DC.

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On October 30, 2010 we spent the day on the National Mall in Washington DC with about 215,000 other people 
at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!


Here we are at about 7am on the subway into DC.


We drove up to Fredericksburg the night before and spent the night, 
then we woke up at about 5:30am to drive about an hour to the Springfield station at the end of the line outside the beltway.


We got to the mall at about 7:45am.


The Rally was scheduled from 12 noon to 3pm.


We wanted to get a good spot and we did.  


We got as close to the stage as you could with a stroller.

Sasha marched around with her sign.


Anya showed off her Tek Jansen T-Shirt.


I was really happy that we had such a great view of the stage.
(We were so naive at 8am that day.)


Here's a shot of the crowd loading in behind us.


Here's a montage of some of the signs that were around us.

This Rally probably had the best signage in history.



Everywhere a sign


And a line.  I took this picture so Holly would appreciate the line I stood in to get coffee for her.


More signs.  These 2 girls were on the blanket next to us.

Sasha probably got her picture taken by like 1000 people.

The crowd starts to fill in.


At this point we were trapped.  It's about 10am.  No bathroom breaks or snack runs.
Luckily we packed a good amount of rations and the kids had a DVD player and an iPod to watch movies.


Holly tried make a break for the port-a-potty.  
It took her about 30 minutes to make it about 10 feet away from our spot and then about 30 minutes to push the10 feet back.  

The kids were having fun despite Anya's look here.

The crowd swells.

Here's a cool comparison between Glenn Beck's "Whitestock" Rally and our rally!  We win!  Hurray!

Here's the crowd behind and in back of us.

Here's an aerial shot

By the time the rally started we were all pretty much packed in shoulder to shoulder.


If you saw this Peace flag on TV during the broadcast then you know where we were standing.

The guys from The Discovery Channel show Mythbusters were the warm up act.

They had us do all kinds of things in unison.  Like Cheering.

We all jumped at the same time and they measured the ground tremble.  
We also did the wave a few times.  That must have looked really cool from the stage.

Soon after the rally started Anya fell asleep.  We hid her under the sign and then had to keep stopping people from stepping on her.

Probably the biggest disappointment of the day was that we were close enough to actually see the stage,
but they had all these cameras set up to broadcast right in front of the stage on a riser at the same level 
so everything was blocked by the cameras.

If you blow up these 2 pictures below you can see parts of Jon and Stephen sticking out from behind the cameras.
I could see them from time to time when they passed between the cameras but besides Stephen's big paper mache puppet head, 
nobody except the people standing right in front of the stage could really see anything.

It was fun to listen to the show and watch on all the jumbo-trons they had set up.

After the Rally we hung out for a while to use the potty and wait for the crowd to disperse somewhat.

Lots of people just milled about.

Eventually we made it back to the subway and headed back to the hotel.
We were part of history today.  
Sasha and Anya can always say they were at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!
How cool is that?


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