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We went to a farm instead of the Farmer's Market to get pumpkins this year.


Here's Bill and Carter atop the Hay Stack.

These pumps and duck racing tubes were tons of fun.

The kids wouldn't or couldn't stop playing with them.

They would walk away for a second and then come running back.

Maybe the blue water was the attraction?

Or just playing with the pumps.  Eventually the played some haystack cornhole.

Playing in the soybean maze.


This is a good idea.  
Probably learned after a few seasons of cleaning up the corpses of kids who got lost in the corn maze every Spring.

Faces painted, time for a horse drawn hay ride.

The horses names were Bill and Ben.


 After the ride we could pet the horses.

Then we got to use this 100+ year old machine that would strip popcorn from the cob.


The kids all took turns trying to spin the crank.

Finally it was time to head out to the patch.

Pumpkins were gathered and home we went.


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