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Because of the Rally in DC the day before and our trip to Busch Gardens the previous weekend
and the fact that Sasha and Anya just wanted to be a butterfly and a bee this year, we didn't really do a huge Halloween event.


Here's this year's pumpkins.  Hastily carved like an hour before sundown when we got back from DC.
Sasha did the piggy pumpkin.


Anya is bee'd up and ready to go.


Sasha gets her wings lashed on.


OK, Everybody's ready to go Trick or Treatin'.  Katrina from next door joins the team.


Anya's super excited!  This is her first year trick or treating!  She runs way ahead of us.


We have to keep reminding her to stop at houses for candy.  She just wants to run around in her costume.

Our annual first stop at the Halloween House.


The little kids always get a stuffed animal.  Anya got a Teddy Bear that she named "Outside Teddy Butt".

After we left the Halloween house we ran into Demarco from class.  Great Vampire D!


Sasha and Kartrina looted the neighborhood for another 2 hours, but Anya stayed home with Holly to pass out (and sample) the treats.


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