Halloween Festival 

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The Hunt Club Halloween Festival is an annual event.  We couldn't miss this.

We went on Children's Day so the kids got a free baby pumpkin.

Then they got to decorate and eat a cupcake.

They had lots of yummy cupcake topppings!

And great dark purple frosting to stain everything it touched.

Then they got to decorate their pumpkins.

There was a pretty big crowd that day.

Pumpkins complete.

To the haystacks!

Then a ride on the Ferris Wheel.


Hey whose that behind us!?

Wait!  Now they're in front of us!


The mysteries of the Ferris Wheel.

Next a spin on the Tea Cups.

Round and Round they go, where they puke?  Everywhere and anywhere!

Up the Mega Slide.

And Down the Mega Slide.


Then off to the Mega Bouncers.

Some bouncing and another run in the haystack.


Pet the baby goats and call it a day.


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