May Days

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We started May with Mother's Day!

Homemade cards and other works of Mother Art that Sasha created at school.

happy Mother's Day Mommy!  We Love You!


Sasha shows off her new Hello Kitty Umbrella and Boots

What a classy combo!

Uh oh.  Looks like the Troublemaker is trying to get my attention.


OK I'll take pictures of Mommy and Anya too!  Just let go of me!


What a pretty girl!  And Anya looks cute too!

Summer is here and we kick it off with a super backyard fun festival!

We got out all the backyard fun stuff!

Trampoline, swimming pool...

Tunnels, sandbox, bigwheel...

swingset, playhouse, basketball hoop, hoppity hop...

Sasha and Anya even had a backyard noodle picnic!

A few days later it was noodles again!  This time while all the kids were over playing while the ladies had a night out on the town!

Noodle it up kids!

It looks like some kind of Dr. Seuss contraption, but this is Alan, Anya and Sasha all going for a bike ride.


This new trailer bike that attaches to mine should help Sasha get used to riding better.

Down in Pungo they have a huge Strawberry Festival every year.


This was the first year we went.  It's kind of a crazy madhouse of people.


As the band played on, Sasha and Kenzie jumped back and forth over a ditch while the babies all watched from their prams.

Anya averts her eyes in respect as the King and Queen of the Strawberry Festival pass by.


Sasha enjoys some roasted corn.
Sometime after lunch, while running around, Anika and Dylan got infested with ticks! Ewwwww!


Anya waves at the black sheep.


Sasha feeds and pets a cow.


Sasha and MaKenzie finally get to fulfill their dreams of firing a 50 caliber Humvee mounted machine gun.  Hurray!


Then they almost got enlisted in the Coast Guard!  Those recruiters are shameless!


I had to quickly pull Anya away before this tank crushed her.  
Then I found Makenzie and Sasha giggling and pushing it from the other end!

Then they climbed all over it.


And finally the got to recreate the famous Tiananmen square picture.

Sparky the Fire Dog demonstrates the awesome firepower of the Navy Fire Truck water cannon.

It's time now for a Memorial Day picnic at the park!


And Mommy came with us for a hike in the woods!

Anya was excited about going on her first hike.

Sasha poses at the top of a cool hill on the trail

Then runs down the other side.

The kids venture off into the wild wilderness.


At the end of the trail.  We made it!  Hurray!

Now it's time for Freeze Pops in the back yard.

Sasha does a good job but Anya makes a crazy mess of these things.

The end of the month and the holiday weekend.  Hello Kitty sprinkles away!


2 Days Later.....  Disaster

See more injured Sasha in next month's June photo collection.  Coming Soon!


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