March 2009 

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Hello Anya!

The weather this March was all over the place.  This picnic at the beach was kinda chilly.


But it was still fun to eat at the beach!

You can now rent steam shovels and backhoes at the beach if you want to make really big castles.  
Anya picked out this one to make a huge strong fortress.


Sasha went the other direction and decided to make her castle of sticks

Anya is Queen of the Playground!

This slide is getting a little small for Sasha!


The next weekend it was really warm


So we went to another park


Anya roams around from one playground to another.


She's very serious about her job.


Here she is walking the balance beam.  See the long program in the video below.

Anya Walkabout

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Where to now?  Over here?


Over there?

Right here!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sasha stops her bike ride for a quick hopscotch.


March was fun.  But now we're ready for summer!  Summer's gonna be awesome!


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