June: Some Fun and a Never-Ending Series of Disasters 

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As you probably know, June started with Sasha in the backyard playing with her friends, trying to make a 3pt basketball shot while jumping off a trampoline.
She made the shot but ended up breaking her arm just a couple weeks before school ended for the summer.
Here she is on X-Ray day and later that day coming home with her cast.


This smile was requested by the photographer.  It took her a few days to really cheer up.


Presents like this Star Wars stickerbook from Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans helped.


June was a crazy stupid expensive month for us.  We already didn't have enough money to get through the summer then Sasha broke her arm, someone threw a rock through our back yard storm door, Anya got infested with ticks, Sasha got poison ivy, Holly got the air condition fixed on her car only to find a day later the coolant had all leaked out so that was money literally down the drain, the air conditioner then failed in Alan's car, Dentist appointments with cavities, and finally the capacitor burned out on or refrigerator and we had to have that serviced and replaced and then replace all the perishable food that went bad over the weekend while we had no refrigerator.  


Sasha and Anya have breakfast on Sasha's last day of Kindergarten!


Anya was excited to send Sasha off that day.

She even followed us outside and danced around in her pajamas out in the street while we waited for the bus.

She danced literal circles around the kids.

This giant moving van parked across the street had a cool Resident Evil sticker in the back window.

Sasha heads off for her last day of school!

So here's the funny story that goes with these pictures.  Anya went to some little party at Chik-fil-a and got her face painted for the first time.  She got home and we thought it was super cute so we took a couple pictures.  An hour or so later Holly took her into the bathroom to wash up before dinner.  When Anya looked up from the sink and saw her face in the mirror she started screaming and crying and trying to wipe the makeup off her face.  Apparently she had no idea that it was there and didn't understand what they had done to her.  

All the girls get dressed up to take Daddy out for dinner on Fathers Day!

Sasha and Anya present me with my cards that they made.

And a new electric razor.  Apparently I don't shave enough.

And hugs and kisses.

And more hugs and kisses.

Then we spend the crazy hot afternoon watching Daddy's favorite movie: Independence Day!

What a great Father's Day!

Holly and Sasha go to Green Run Elementary Field Day!

Before going outside, the kids got stories in their classroom.

They are ready for fun

Sasha has a lot of cool friends in her class!

All the kids got one of these sun visors to wear outside.  Sasha was happy that hers was pink!

More friends --  that's Ajahni on the right (he's one of our neighbors).

It's time for lunch.  The kindergarteners are very patient, waiting their turn.

Sasha's classmates being silly.

She looks very stylish in her Star Wars shirt and pink visor.  And the cast just makes it all the more cool.

Playing hide and seek with Anastasia . . . 

then more kids wanted to play, too.

It wasn't difficult to find kids who wanted to be in a picture!

This is D'Marco -- every girl in class has a crush on him.

After lunch, the class got freezy pops.

Kaemon really really really wanted me to take a picture of "just him" -- so here it is!

At the end of the day, most of the kids just crashed on the picnic blankets.

Last weekend, despite the fact that the heat index was about 110.  Sasha, Anya and Alan went to Norfolk for the Bayou Boogaloo!

Sasha and some of the other kids find a way to cool off before the festival down at the harbor.

Anya watches Sasha get saoked.

Now that we've cooled down to the mid-90's.  Lets Boogaloo!

This was our first time at the Cajun Festival.  Alan wanted to sate his new crawfish addiction.

After I sufficiently stuffed myself on Steamed Crawfish and Etouffee, we took a River Boat Cruise.

Here we are leaving the dock from the festival.

Sasha and Anya wanted to sit up top in the heat at the front of the boat.

Our view down the James River.

Anya waved at all the other boats as we passed by.

We found a shady spot right under the wheelhouse.


It was a good vantage point except when the Captain tooted the horn.

Anya loved the boat ride.


We disembarked and looked for more fun stuff to do.


Sasha went to the kid corner to make her own fancy chef's hat while Anya and Alan got their portrait done.


Then it was time for some roasted corn and lemonade.


Anika is a BIG FAN of Roasted Corn

Sasha likes to chew a cob or two too!


C.J. Chenier & Red Hot Louisiana Band 

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After a few hours we were really hot so we headed back over to the fountain outside the festival.


The kids played some cornhole and hoola-hoop.

Then Sasha returned to the fountain.

We tried to get Anya to go in but she just liked to watch the other kids.


In the end, it was another fun month!


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