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So after Sasha got her cast off, the first place we went was to the beach!

Sasha and Anya started the year off afraid of the ocean, as usual.  :(

I eventually got Sasha to let me pull her through the wet sand on a Boogie Board.

But the first time she flipped over she ran back to the blanket.

So for the kids it was just a day to play in the sand.


But it was fun to finally get back to the beach.

For my birthday this year, Beans & Dawn got me and Holly tickets to go see Smashing Pumpkins!

We got to see them in a really small venue which was cool.

Here's my write up of the show:

That show last night was awesome! We found a great place to stand on this riser off to the side so Holly could actually see the show. That’s always a problem at the Norva. When we saw Ben Folds there a couple years ago we got to sit in the handicapped section because Holly was pregnant so that was sweet. Before we left we thought about dressing Holly up as a pregnant lady to see if it would work again but it was too hot to go in costume.

It was crazy hot. Like 92 degrees. It was air conditioned in there but by the time the pumpkins played, the sold out show was packed to capacity and they opened the big doors on one side of the theater that go out to the smoking section. We were all drenched in sweat.

The first band, Bad City, was hilarious. They reminded me of Warrant. They were super excited about “Rock N Roll” and every song in their set was like a tribute to Rockin’. The singer kept doing city-shout outs and stuff. “When I drove into Norfolk I could tell you were a city that rocks!” , “I could smell the rock!” etc. By the end of the set he was shirtless and funnier than ever. Holly and I made up a backstory for them that they were from Kazakhstan in Russia and 80’s Rock was just becoming popular there.

The next band Kill Hanna was from England (I think that’s what they said.) Their singer was kinda like Robert Smith of the Cure. He had feathers in his hair, liked to tug at his shirt and crawl around on the floor when he sang and was really dramatic. He also had really long stories to tell but since his mike was turned down too low nobody understood anything he said or sang. In one song he said something that sounded like “radicchio” so we decided it was about how much he liked that red cabbage. I was kinda disappointed because on their MySpace page that I checked out before the show, there was a picture of a girl so I thought the singer was gonna be that chick. So I was surprised when they came out on stage with no girl. Actually, I just found out, just now that they are from Chicago. That makes them less cool.

Then Billy came out and rocked for hours. It was the longest show I’ve ever been to. They did like 6 encores. Billy sounded awesome. They had his mike turned up really loud most of the time so that was cool. Usually that’s a problem with loud bands at the Norva and I was worried when the first two bands weren’t miked well. 

The show was way better than I expected and they played enough old stuff to keep everybody (including us) happy. Billy was kinda grumpy so that was fun. At one point before playing “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” or maybe it was “Zero” he said “We’ll play an old school one now. I guess since its 2010 we have to be ‘fair’ or something. Whatever.” 

Before they finished the first encore, the little Karl Faulhauber looking kid on drums actually kicked his way through his bass drum and they had to bring out and extra one for a song while they put a new head on it. During that drum repair Billy sang a solo version of “Disarm” and “Stumbleine”. That kids’ drum set was gigantic compared to the bands before them and they were so loud you almost crapped your pants during big songs like “Tonight, Tonight”. 

I liked the new bass girl. She was probably Sasha’s age when the first Pumpkins albums came out. And we kept pretending the new guitar player was John Cusack. So that was fun.

Pumpkin Rock

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Here's just a random day of dress up and acting crazy.  
That sheet on the couch is there because I got so sunburned that first day at the beach, I couldn't even lay on the couch without being in crazy pain.


Here's the girls chasing each other around the house.

Anya does anything big sister does.

But she adds her own style and grace.

And it never hurts to have a captive audience of babies when you're putting on a show.


This was a family day festival at the farmers market.


They had lots of activities for the kids.


Tossing Hoola Hoops.


Or just walking around with them.


But the kids were most interested in the bubble tub.


Sasha made some great bubbles, Anya seemed to just be trying to get as wet as possible.


Sasha found running in circles generated bigger bubbles.


Anya used her disc to catch them.  And in the end there was cotton candy.  Hurray!

Then it was lunchtime, so we drove over to Ocean View in Norfolk, for the crab and Seafood festival on the beach.

We got a giant box top filled with giant shrimp and crabcakes and french fries.  It was yummy!

Then we ran around for a while to work off the lunch... the cool music on the main stage.


And finally the weekend ended with custom pancakes from chef Daddy!


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