Anya's 2nd Birthday!

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Summertime Flower Rain in the Backyard

Sasha's backyard is the neighborhood Fun Land!

Getting cool in the backyard pool.

The Sprinkler keeps the slide slipping.

The sprinkler swing beats the heat!

But the Sprinkle Slide and Splashdown Pool Rules!

This year for the Trashmore Fireworks we decided to watch from about a mile away.

There's a big parking lot over by our house so after the BBQ at MaKenzie's we drove over there to watch the show.


This worked well because we could see the fireworks but not really hear them.

It's the noise that seems to scare the children.


Sasha does some posing in the back of the Pickup Truck.

MaKenzie strikes a pose as well.


Anya loved seeing the firworks.  I think this was her first time seeing them.


But she stayed close to Mommy, just to be safe!

Sasha's broken arm was not a fun way to start the summer.

But this was the day they took it off! 


Here she is getting it sawed off.

Closing her eyes and keeping on the earphones so as not to hear or see the saw.

And then it was off!

A quick X-Ray and Summer was back on track!  Rock On!

For Anya's Birthday we took the day off and went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Anya was excited to see all the flowers!


Pretty Girls!

A short walk.

Then Splishy Splashy fun at the Children's Garden!


Time to cool down in the fountains!

Anya loved stepping on the fountain jets.

And just running around.


We got there early so it wasn't too crowded.


This is one of those things Anya would do all day if you let her.

She LOVES playing in the fountains.

It was good to start the day by getting soaked, because it's been a crazy hot summer.

It's better to be wet!

Sand play and obstacle climbs.

Sasha wants to do it all.  Pumping water is fun!


Sasha was happy to pose for this picture until I told her that was a giant termite mound.

Anya gets some time in the sand box


A butterfly lands.  Can you see it?

After the fountains and the Children's Garden, We took a walk through the Storybook Forest!

There were little storybook houses and activities all along the trail through the forest.

Woodland Checkers!


Looks like the house of the Three Little Pigs is coming up.

And they installed a get-away slide just in case the wolf comes back with explosives.

Carter and Anya test the slide.

Sasha gives it a try too.


Anya is a sliding fool!

Hello cutie!


Spying on the next house in the series.

I don't remember what story this house went with.

But it was two stories and had a little bed and a piano!

This Teeter Totter was at the Huck Finn area and this next house was for the Story of the Crooked Man.

The Old Lady who lived in a shoe

Also had an escape slide in case that mad bomber of a wolf showed up.

Old McDonalds farm had these awesome horse swings.

They were tied way up high in the trees so she swing radius was huge!
On our way out we stopped at the Storytime Reading Theater.

Then took the tram back to the parking lot.

It was hot now.  Time to go get some lunch at IHOP.

Everybody filled out their "Despicable Me" Placemats.

The birthday girl colored hers in too.

Everybody had a fun afternoon!

That evening Anya got a big present.

She opened it with a little help from Sasha.

A vintage Fisher Price Record playing Carousel!

Sasha and Anya have all my old Fisher Price toys so this fits right into their collection!

Anya loved it.  You turn the little crank and it spins the record and the Carousel.

Then she read her cards and even got a phone call from her cousins singing Happy Birthday to her!

Sasha had to play with the toy too.


What do you want Anya?  What are you pointing at?

You want your birthday cake?

Happy Birthday to you.....


Anya blows out her own candles!

Now it's yummy time!

Ok, on the count of three....Dig in!

Munch munch munch!


That's some goooood Birthday cake!

Anya acts silly while finishing her cake.

Sasha and the family caterpillar Daisy, say Happy Birthday Anya, and goodnight!


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