The Great Winter Blizzard of 2010!

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January started off normal enough.  With the exception of Anya, who seems to be a little too relaxed on the changing table.

Sasha got a shipment from Grandma Wiseman of Daddy's old handmade sweaters and hats that were knitted by his Grandma.


Anya got a new Toddler bed!


Which she enjoys playing in, but not sleeping in.


Sasha got to have a slumber party with MaKenzie!


It was warm enough to go wear our Spring jackets to Mt. Trashmore.


Winter was finally over.  Spring was starting to come to Virginia Beach.


The warm sun made for warm smiles.

Big sister pushed little sisters in their swings.

The long cold 2-3 weeks of winter were behind us.

The warmth of summer was just around the corner.

This would probably be the last time we get to wear our flannel winter PJs!


We'll cuddle up one last time, then put them away until next winter...


Then...   IT HAPPENED......  For the first time since 1980, it snowed in Virginia Beach!


When we went to bed on Friday night there was no snow.

When we woke up on Saturday morning there was at least 5 inches.


And it kept coming all day!

The whole city shut down.  


They have no way to deal with this much snow in our city, so the city just closes.

It was like a natural disaster!

Sasha and Anya had fun though.  I had to improvise "Snow Boots" with shopping bags and rubber bands.

Little snow men were made.


And Sasha and Alan started what would end up being an epic 4 day snowball fight.


Anya bailed pretty quickly.  My little beach girl doesn't really like the snow very much.

We tried it again the next day when the snow the day before finally stopped at about 10 inches.

Anya played a little but them watched from the window as Sasha ran around...


Slid around...


And flopped around in the snow.

We were all snowed in.  Trapped like the Donner Party.  Luckily I had enough food in the house to get us past the darkest days.

The snow drifts next to the cars were big enough for Sasha to slide down.


Icicles!  There's icicles on our house!

School was closed on Monday and Tuesday, so everyone had 4 days off.

And the crazy thing, is that even though this all melted later in the week, as I'm writing this it's snowing again!

We got socked with another winter storm over the weekend that dropped another 3 or 4 inches.  It just started melting this afternoon.

So that was The Great Winter Blizzard of 2010 - Virginia Beach Style.


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