February 2010 

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February started off as boring as usual.

Then the Valentines Fairy came to the house!

The Fairy left cards and presents and a personalized note.

Valentines Day started as usual, with hugs...

...and kisses for everyone!

Followed by heartfelt exchanges of Hallmark cards.

Anya usually insists on cash, but she enjoyed the "retro paper check."

Daddy's adorable little girls got him a copy of Zombieland.

Anya wanted to make sure it had a commentary track so she could hear if Woody Harrelson had fun making the film.
She really cares about things like that.

Happy Valentines Day Sasha!

Sasha does some homework while Anya tries to distract her with beaded necklaces.

No Anya.. You the baby!
Sasha shows off her first 100 days of school crown.

Sasha Sing Song

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The winter is finally over and a Spring weekend at the park is the plan.

Park Play

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Time to get the bike out of storage.

Anya's stroller passes through an anomaly in the space time continuum 
where Sasha is riding a bike in front of her and another Sasha, wearing a different outfit, is riding a scooter behind her.

Anya's finally big enough to ride the see-saw in the backyard with Sasha!

Anya's a wild child at the park.  Look at her trying to pull herself up on this playscape.

And she's one of those annoying playground kids who wants to go "up" the slide.

PJ wrestling on a Sunday morning.

Sasha and Anya help celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday at ODU.

Free hats and balloons and toys and face painting and stories.

In the 2nd picture we can see Anya addressing the crowd.  She does not like to be upstaged by the storyteller.

She eventually stops causing a scene, but everyone waits with anticipation to see what crazy thing she'll do next.

The celebration ended with birthday cake for everyone at the art gallery with a Where The Wild Things Are reading for some reason.


Anya is now old enough to dominate the playground at the mall.


Here she is in the Looney Tunes slide.  

Sasha follows her down.

Then she just runs around like a maniac for the next 45 minutes.

Dylan's Dynoriffic Birthday Party!

Lots of cool fun and swag.

A super terrific Stegosaurus cake by Michelle.

Custom cupcakes and some piņata bashing.

Dylan opens some cool presents and blows out his candles.

A few weeks later, Anya's best friend, Carter turns 2!

He has a Two-riffic Party too!

Anika and Carter have a balloon battle.

Anya keeps fighting long after Carter loses interest.

The "big kids" hang upstairs.

Until it's time to whap the monkey piņata.

And gobble up it's sweetie guts.

Present opening.

Anika, sick of the camera, gives me a paparazzi brush-off.

Carter's Monkey cake by Michelle.  

Carter Party

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Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!


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