December: Everything Before Christmas

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Sasha's Christmas decorations.

We went back to Pat Robertson's house for their Christmas Festival this year.

12 Days of Christmas

The Grinch

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The singing Santa was awesome as usual.


They had more puppets this year too.


 Anya really liked the show.

Sasha did too!


Frosty comes over to say Hi to Anika.


 Puppets riding puppets!

Sasha gets what she came for.


A fun show...

And a face-full of Cotton Candy!


Let's go outside and cool off.

Out in the gardens.

Anya ran so fast through the maze she met herself coming out!


Time to get faces painted in the elf workshop.


Anya actually sat still for this one!


Anya + black marker + 5 unattended minutes = Trouble


Why?  Because she's Anya!


The Christmas parade down at the beach


The Virginia Beach Monster Firetruck is always a favorite.

Anya tries to look tuff for the marching band.


She waves a marker stained hand at the giant tractors.

Sasha liked the balloons.


 Anya waves to everyone who walks, rides or drives by.

Bikers and balloons!

Bands and princesses!


Anika carefully watches the dinosaur.

The fancy ladies and the Ghostbuster ambulance!

Anya probably wants to eat this balloon!

Hey!  It's frosty!

And finally the man of the night!  Santa!

Sasha and Anya eat carrots!  The last crops from their backyard garden!


The girls make Christmas presents!

Good painting!

Everybody got an original piece of art this year!


Holly's birthday!


Cupcakes and presents for MOMMY!

Sasha and Anya help Mommy open the presents.

Sock puppet day!


Sasha and Anya make their first sock puppets.


Then they make them kiss.


Then they do a little show!


Time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

Dinner with Mommy and Daddy at the mall

Good times at Johnny Rockets.

After the Christmas concert at Sasha's school.

Everybody in Sasha's class congratulates themselves on a show well done!


Even Sasha did a great job singing this year!  No stage fright like last year.

Time to open presents with Carter, Dylan, Makenzie...

...  and smiley little Coleman!

Let the present rumpus begin!

Christmas is off to a good start!


Before we head up to Michigan, we got to go see The Live Mickey Mouse Magic Show!

Sasha and Anya were psyched!


 It was like a dream for Anya to actually see Mickey Mouse.  For a while she was speechless.


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