Christmas 2009: Part 2 

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Sasha & Anya immediately run for the drums as soon as they get to Aunt Dawn and Uncle Bean's house!

Anika taps out a groovy beat.

Uncle Beans, Sasha and Anya all play at the same time.

Time to open presents!

Sasha gets her first Barbies!

Anya gets the Yo Gabba Gabba characters and Sasha gets a remote control Wall-E.  That's awesome!

Anya tries out her new dishes and silverware.  Aunt Dawn checks out her new photo album.


Anya plays Uncle Beans finger drums while Wall-E wanders around the room.

Time to make Christmas Cookies!


And Popcorn!

We had a fun visit.  Bye bye Uncle Beans!

Back at the Rowlands, the Christmas Wii is always on.


Cuddle hug photo ops with Anika.


Eating cookies and playing cards with Aunt Mary.


Cousin pile!

Presents from Aunt Mary!  Hurray!

Anya gets super excited opening her Kai Lan doll.

Holly enters the 20th century with a new clock radio that plays CDs!

Holly and her babies and her spa set.

Aunt Mary burns off all her Christmas wishes.

Uncle Jeff, "The baby whisperer", calms Anika.  Tess is fun to cuddle with.

Lucy sits in her dump.

Pretty Pretty Sashi!

Jeff and Dad keep a manly distance from each other at breakfast.

Aunt Mary loads up with French Toast.

The cook cuddles Sasha while everybody eats.

Sasha gets bundled up to play and poses with her Gingerbread house one last time.


Time to play in the snow!


Sledding down Rowland Hill.

Snow Play 1

Snow Play 2

Snow Play 3

Snow Play 4

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 Sasha plays in the snow thinking this would be the last snow she'd see all year.  (Wait until you see the January Pictures)

Good bye cousins!  We had a great Christmas!

Present opening at Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman's


Anya gets distracted by the cat distractor.

Grandpa sports his new Roy Hobbs hat.


Anya rides Grandma and gets to decorate the windows with Christmas decals.

Sasha and Anya make the windows look fancy!


The decorating team.


Puzzle time with Grandma.


Bendy and Bryce come over to play.


Bendy explains the fundamentals of Football to Anya.


Anya wreaks havoc.

Grandpa is the "Unknown Christmas Comic."

Sasha reads a book to Grandma.

Anya and Sasha take care of Anya's Twin Babies.


Grandma & Sasha build a Gingerbread house while Anya spies for a way to eat some of the candy.


Grandma & Sasha pose with their finished masterpiece.


Time to go see the Christmas lights!


The houses in Grandma's neighborhood go all out!

Look at this one!  Crazy!

Bye bye Grandma & Grandpa!  We had a super fun visit!

Merry Christmas!


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