Christmas 2009: Part 1 

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The girls are suited up and ready to brave the frozen North.

On the 1st day we got stuck in a blizzard and even though we drove all day, 
we ended up staying in Richmond (About 2 hours from our house)


Sasha was happy though because the place had a nice pool and we had to stop so early we had time to play.


Sasha swam all around the pool while Anya, who we left locked up the room, struggled to escape.


We arrive at The Fisher Compound.  Mark plays with his new Christmas present.


Sasha and her cousins all get busy playing.


Anya gets PJ'd up and searches for food.


The Christmas tree is all decorated and ready to go.

Cards downstairs, sleeping babies upstairs.


Lucy and Mark play kissy face.


All suited up and ready to go play in the snow.

Later everyone made Gingerbread houses!

Then they went out into the wild woods of St. Johns and fed the ferocious beasts of the night.

Alan and his "Man friend" Jeff share a cookie.

Anya Mischief

Grandma Feeds Us!

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Sylvie throws up some gang signs for her picture with Grandma.

Time to lick some spoons!

Frosting all licked, now it's time to go tweet and blog about how good the spoon licking was.

Then it's time to decorate the cookies!

All the kids get to decorate, even Anya! 

Nobody even said anything when Mark toddled up to the table and decorated a few himself.  What a big boy!

Anika tries to liberate all the red sugar from the jar.

Time to open some Christmas eve presents!

Anya is getting good at tearing paper.  
She gets a lot of practice during the rest of the year with pretty much any paper she can get her hands on.

Musical instruments were the Christmas Eve presents this year!

While everyone is distracted with presents, Anya sees a window of opportunity.

She will eat as many cookies as she can before she is captured.  
As punishment for her crimes, Grandpa Fisher made her stand in the corner of the kitchen on one leg for 3.5 hours.

Christmas morning arrives and Santa has obviously ignored all of the bad behavior throughout the year.

Everyone rushes down the stairs and heads for their stash.

Sasha gets a huge cache of Littlest Pet Shop Toys!


Anya gets an entire Fisher Price Little People Village!

Sylvia gets the Nintendo DS and a cool carrying case.  And Lucy gets some huge tent playhouses.

Anya starts to play as Sasha tears into the presents from Mommy & Daddy.

While Sasha looks for more with her name, Anika gets a new Dr. Kit!

Puppets, DVDs.....

More and More and More and MORE!

Finally Anya passes out on Grandma's shoulder from all the excitement.

Mark watches the melee while dispassionately sipping coffee.  
Grandpa smiles bravely, but is actually disappointed that all he got was a big bag of trash.

Presents now all unwrapped.  Time to play!

The grown-ups open their stockings.  
While Sylvia continues to play her new video game, 
oblivious and now completely disconnected from the real world and all it's joy and happiness.

Mark tries to share in the moment, but she doesn't even know he's there.

Anya likes to show off her presents for the camera.

Maybe one day (fingers crossed!) she'll be a product model at a trade show!

Sasha demonstrates her ribbon flipping skills.  Summer Olympics 2012, here we come!


Holly proudly displays the bowl of cheese she grated "all by herself!"

For Christmas Day at the Rowlands, Anya unwraps, then sits in her new dumptruck!

Sasha unwraps and falls in love with her new American Girl doll.

Holly poses with her "American Girl"
Grandpa can finally start his second career as a "Clammer"


Jeff poses with a present.  Grandpa swoons and has to lay down for a spell.

Anna looks very business-like in her Christmas Haute Couture.

Sylvia was brought to the Rowlands, but I doubt she even knew she was there that day.

Anya, Lucy and Grandma all play with her new busy box!

Maddie and Collin share a romantic moment accompanied by Sasha on the xylophone.

Alan and The Christmas Girls!

Anna teaches Anya how to dance, and Tess teaches a bear how to love.

More posing with presents.

Anya, starting to get sick of being photographed, growls loudly as I slowly back away.

Lisa and Jeff look on with pride, as the two college bound grads share a giant picture-book of the moon.

Anya's narcolepsy is becoming more pronounced.  
Alan now has 2 pairs of underwear!  Now that's high livin'.


Lisa poses with a pile of Christmas babies.  They're so life-like!

Mom proudly displays her glug glug jug.

And as the day draws to a close, Anya wakes up refreshed and ready for more fun!

To be continued.........


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