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Sasha's 6th Birthday arrives!  Mommy takes Sasha & Makenzie & Anya out for a fun day!

First a stop at Air Traffic Control

Sasha & Makenzie do their best to land a few planes.

Then a visit to the library

Where Makenzie got her hand stuck in the book deposit box and Sasha waved a cruel goodbye and threatened to leave her there.


But Anya rescued Makenzie and brought peace back to the friendship

Then Anya took everyone out for lunch at the diner


Where everyone was happy and nothing at all went wrong 
(unless Holly tells the story, then there's something about Anya dumping an entire milkshake over her head or something.)


But as far as I know, from lunch they went straight to the Jumping Monkey


Where Anya surprised everyone by passing her drivers ed course 14 years early.


She then sped off in a police cruiser and we didn't see her until later in the day.


Anya likes to be behind the wheel, but is easily confused when confronted by multiple reflections.

That Sasha, always trying to be like her little sister!

Anya The Fearless

These kids "owned" the Jumping Monkey today


Sasha gets herself psyched for a slide

Anya crawls up and just throws herself over with no thought what-so-ever


As the older girls scream in terror and fear!

After a short visit to princess-land, it's back to Anya in the Mega Bouncers.

They keep going and going and going......

The next day was the big Dr. Seuss Birthday party.  Amy, Sophia and Emily came all the way from Arizona!
Demarco (The Kindergarten Heartthrob) is the first kid from Sasha's class to arrive.

Jordan arrives next and is confronted by Carter, who hasn't quite figured out the lightsaber yet.


Anastasia signs the guestbook: "Happy Birthday to You!" by Dr. Seuss.
Here's the cake, custom made by Michelle.  Seriously, is this the best cake you've ever seen in your life?  You know it is.

Anastasia lingers by the guest book to read and eat the One Fish Two Fish Goldfish!

Anya has a quick drink to help get the party started.

Another shot of our ridiculously awesome birthday cake!

The party starts with Freeplay in Sasha & Anya's Backyard Fun-opolis

Mega bouncin'

Everyone got their own Cat in the Hat hat

Sophia had some fun and Anya played in the ball pool

Kids tried to get the bubble machine working, while Jess was busy inside being pregnant.

Jess and The First Born take a nice pic.


The party yummies are all set up in the kitchen

Ajahni& Amarhi arrive.


As well as Giselle & Shanari

The gang's all here.  Pizza Time!

More fun in the backyard.


Everyone eats pizza and plays with all the toys!

Sasha & Anya's backyard is FUN!

OK everybody time for a surprise visit!


From the Pink Ice Cream Truck!

Who came just to celebrate Sasha & Anya's birthday!  See the sign by the window :)

Everybody got to pick out anything they wanted from the ice cream truck!

Hurray for Ice Cream!

Now a break to eat ice cream.



Even the little ones got their own treats!


Sasha partying with all her pals


Back out in the yard.


Time to play party games!

First game was called: Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?  

I put little slips of paper in a cat hat with animal pictures on them and had the kids draw a picture out. 
Then they had to have the other kids guess what they pulled by just making the sounds of the animal.

Next came The Scrambled Egg Super Egg Toss 

I hid Easter Eggs all over the yard, and had the kids find them then stand behind a line and toss them into a pot.

The last game was Sneetch Tag

The game started with Sasha getting a star sticker on her belly. 

Then she chases and tags another kid and they get a star.  Then they hold hands and chase another kid and they get a star.  And so on...

Until there's a big chain of kids holding hands and everyone gets stars.

Then everyone got to pull a prize out of the Cat in the Hat's Surprise Box!

I've learned from past parties that Sasha is a terrible loser, so I designed all the games to have no winners or losers and everyone got a prize.

And it was super fun!

OK everyone.  Back inside.


Time for Sasha & Anya to open their presents!

Everyone watched as Sasha tore into the pile.

Anya got hers open too!


Even Princess Dylan watched the present frenzy

The girls all waited with breathless anticipation to see what would be opened next!


Amy was the "gift fairy" who did a great job distributing all the presents.
Anya takes a seat on her new Chopper Trike.

Sasha hugs her custom longboard that she and Daddy made as a fun project over the last month.

Michelle and Sophia watch from the stairs

OK...   Everybody into the kitchen now!

Time to sing Happy Birthday and cut that crazy cool cake!

Nobody wants to cut it!  It's too beautiful!

Finally Alan grabs a knife and does the deed.

Everybody eats the yummy cake.  Hurray for birthday cake!

Finally the party ends with a reading of the book:  "Happy Birthday to You!" by Dr. Seuss.

Time to go everyone!  Thanks for coming to our party!

The next day Sasha shows Anya how to ride her new bike.


It's a little big, but she'll figure it out.

And that was the 2010 Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.

Happy 2nd Birthday Anya!

Happy 6th Birthday Sasha!

We LOVE You!


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