August at the Beach

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Sasha & Anya and Friends try out the new Mudpie Making Center.

Everybody is so busy.

Before Sasha eats she sets up little meals for her animals (notice the appropriate food for each animal-type)


Anya would live in the back yard if we let her.


She runs out there anytime the backdoor is open.


 Even if it's only for a minute.  She gets as much play out of the day as possible.

We went to an art fair down towards the North End of the Beach.  We found this neat new park!


If you look closely at the first pic you will see this crane.

The kids got free Popsicles from the park ranger, hence the red lips.

And Balloon animals from a roaming clown.


This week Sasha requested Rocket Pancakes.


It was a couple weeks early, but Baby Coleman was born 2 weeks before his baby shower.


But we had fun seeing him for the first time and giving Jess presents.


Introducing Baby Coleman!


Alan and his first Baby!


Back in the yard, we get the kites out for a day at the beach!

Sasha and Anya assemble the kites they want.

Sasha takes her butterfly kite for a test flight.

At the beach she really lets it stretch it's wings.


Sasha is an expert kite flyer.

She gets it way up there.


We attached this one to the beach chair and it flies for the whole day and helps us find our chair.


Sasha tries out Daddy's hat and sun glasses

Sasha's favorite thing to do at the beach is dig and build in the sand

On this day there were cool tide pools that she could run and splash in


Sasha is starting to venture out a few inches at a time into the ocean


We went to the ocean just about every weekend this month

Sasha found the tide pools were good places to Boogie Board

She got really good at running and skimming along on her tummy.

Boogie Board

Kite Flying

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The next week we brought Anya and Makenzie!

Anya makes castles

While Sasha and Makenzie work on their wave bunkers

The dig giant holes...

...Then run out to the waves and run back and jump in the hole when the wave chases them.


Anya plays peek-a-boo with the sun.

Where's Anya?  There she is!

Back at the bunkers.

Sasha taunts the ocean, daring it to come get her.

See how she's getting braver?  Running out further into the surf.

Makenzie demonstrates the awesome defensive nature of her now complete fortress.


Sasha has made a wave hole built for two!


Anya takes a crack at flying the butterfly kite.,


She's a natural too!


She can fly a kite and chase it's shadow at the same time!

The next weekend Sasha and I went to the East Coast Surfing Championship

We always go every year to see the Grommits (Little kid surfers)

The Daddy's hold the boards with the kids on them and push them into the waves.

 Some of the kids are awesome


Look at this little girl!

 This bigger boy was good.  This little one wiped out.


After we watched the kids, we spent a couple hours at the swag tents.


Sasha got tons of spray tags and stamps

And a huge cache of swag.  We only hit about 1/4 of the tents too!


But Sasha cleaned up.  She especially won big at the Vans tent.

A quick dusk visit to Mt. Trashmore.

Sasha's last day of gymnastics


They didn't do a recital this semester but the kids had fun.

They showed off all their skills.

Check out Sasha the Balance Master

After the class the kids all watched themselves on video

Anya came to cheer Sasha on.

She's a good little sister!


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