Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Come to the Beach

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Grandma & Grandpa arrive and take Anya for a walk down the beach.

If there's 2 adults in reach Anya instantly converts them into a swing.

Holly and her baby girl.

Trying on new clothes from Grandma.

Anya gets a little help.

Anika goofing around in her Chuck Barris hat.

Anya plays with Grandpa

By bashing him on the head with a tiny ice cream dish.


Sasha shows off her new braids from Grandma

Anya gets her hair styled by Grandpa, 
Alan does not get to participate in the hair salon game for some unknown reason.

Grandma inspects her work then runs straight for the sandbox.

Anya and Sasha follow her outside to play too.


Anya straps herself in and waits dejected in the hot sun until somebody notices she needs a push.


Grandpa to the rescue!

Grandma & Grandpa take the girls on a walk to the park.


Anya: Space Cadet.

More swing time.

Anya is fearless on the playground.  This obstacle is something Sasha tried for the first time this year.

Anya makes short work of it with a little assist from Grandma.


Then disaster...   I wish I had the camera open for this.  

Anya goes running off the playground and heads straight for a small 2ft. by 3ft. mud puddle.  


Literally the only mud on the entire 10 acre play field.  She runs into it top speed and face plants right into the mud like a lunatic making a break from the asylum.


As I hosed off Anya's clothes in the backyard and Mommy gave her a bath, Grandma & Sasha started coloring Easter Eggs.

Sasha is an Easter Egg Artist.


She takes it VERY seriously.


And crafts the most perfect eggs.

Then, before bed, she laid out this shrine of rabbits to appease the Easter Bunny.


Hopefully this will curry favor with the Bunny.

And it appears to have paid off.  The Easter Bunny and Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans provide a multitude of treats and prizes.

The Bunny also approved of the eggs and bestowed upon Sasha the Sunglasses of Hanna Montana.

Anya cares not for toys, Easter is all about the candy!

...But later she notices the toys.


Then she forgets about them again and goes back to stuffing her face with candy.

Then, drunk on chocolate, she tries to eat other things, like flashlights.

Anya continues her candy eating rampage.
Sasha models the T-Shirt I got her to piss off the Tea-Baggers and Sean Hannity.


At The Hunt Club farm, Sasha and Grandma seek an audience with The Bunny.

Then it's time to find His precious hidden eggs.

Sasha and Anya tally up their loot.


Anya heads over to pet the baby goats.


Grandma and Anya visit with an inflatable effigy of The Bunny.

Then we all took a hayride with the kid from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. 


Back at home Grandma makes custom ducks and chicks by deviling the Easter Eggs.


Sasha gets her picture taken with the plate as Holly turns the rest into sandwiches.


A picture of the Master Eggers.

Sasha and Anya impatiently wait to go swimming.

At the Hotel Sasha swims around while Anya sails her tube around the pool.


Sasha's a great swimmer now with her water wings.

Grandma takes Anya for a float around the pool.

Sasha follows close behind.

Grandpa sneaks up on them...

...and give them the famous Grandpa water hand squirt!
Anya is already jumping off the side of the pool, assuming somebody will be there to catch her.

Anya and Grandpa watch Yo Gabba Gabba while Grandma and Sasha read Highlights.

Grandpa enjoys Yo Gabba Gabba with Special Guest Weird Al.


Before they leave, Grandma and Sasha then make fancy colored Top Hat cookies.


And finally we end the trip with a Birthday dinner for Alan at Hot Tuna!


Thanks for coming to visit us Grandma & Grandpa!  We miss you!

Sasha Skywalker shows off some of her light saber moves.


This was her big Easter present from Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans


She plays with it every day and has become quite a little Jedi Master.


Hopefully she will learn to control her emotions and not turn to the Dark Side.


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