Lots of Stuff We Did in April

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At the beginning of the month, my neighbor found a nest of baby bunnies in his yard.  
I thought it would be fun for the girls to rescue them and get the babies through to the point where they could be released.


After I read a few internet articles, I found that the mortality rate of baby bunnies separated from their mother is about 99%.  
So rather than expose the girls to the horror of what would probably be a daily baby bunny death, we decided to relocate them to a real wild animal shelter.


So while Sasha bunny-sat, I called and found a cool shelter that rehabs the bunnies and releases them.

Sasha and Holly delivered the babies to the Evelynís Wildlife Refuge

Where they joined other orphaned bunnies and lived happily ever after.  :)

Anika watches Daddy open his birthday cards.

Yes baby, you're a cutie and a super cool birthday present all by yourself.

Birthday kisses, then the Troublemaker gets a hold of the camera.


Our perfect little girls!

Our bike ride around Lake Trashmore takes a break to run on the hill.

Sasha's a great downhill runner.  She's teaching Anya how it's done.




There you go Anya, good running!

Now Roll!


Then run some more.

Hill Running

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Up and down, up and down.

Hopefully they'll be run down enough for a nap when we get home.

OK, everybody off the hill.

Back to Mommy.

Now let's finish that bike ride.

Sasha and Mommy circle while Anika gets strapped into her cool new bike chair.

She's got an awesome view with this new seat.

It must be like a ride at Cedar Point!


Gotta stay hydrated.

Sasha and Alan go to their first Daddy/Daughter Dance at Greenrun Elementary.


She got a fancy new dress and a corsage.

And some cool sparkly pink dancing slippers.

Meeting up with friends at the dance.

Some of the girls from Sasha's class.

Now it's time to dance, dance, DANCE!

Dance 1

Dance 2

Dance 3

Dance 4

Dance 5

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More dancing, then a brief timeout for too much dancing.

Then a drink and back to dancing.


By the end of the night Sasha and her pals initiated a plan to tear down the decorations and make dancing streamers.


Soon everyone had handfuls of them.


We did all kinds of fun participation dances.  It was a great time.

Makenzie had her birthday party this year at the Virginia Marine Science Museum.


It was a Seahorse Party!

We got to touch some of the animals.

This salamander has a cool defensive attribute: It can't be clearly photographed, all pictures of this type of lizard come out blurry.  Weird.

After they decorated their hats it was time for a tour.


Anika provoking the snakes.

The old snapping turtle that "never moves" performed a rare stretch.

This is what it would look like if they caught Sashas and Anyas on Deadliest Catch.


Makenzie makes a wish on her cool seahorse cake.


Sasha tears into her swag bag.

Anya enjoys the delicious pencils.

Then swipes a tractor from Carter.

Time for cake!

Hats are turned around so as not to get in the way.

This is serious cake eating time.

Makenzie opens her presents.

Mommy sneaks up behind and tries to get some cake.


Time to feed the seahorses!  Neat fact: These seahorses were caught in the inlet right here in Virginia Beach behind the museum.

Makenzie gets to go outside and actually feed the otters!


Now that's a cool Birthday memory.

Anika runs free in the aviary.

Then she makes a break for it and runs "too free"



Alan and the girls like going to Indian Festivals.


This was a huge one in Norfolk.


Lots of Bollywood dancing and yummy food.


Did you say something about food?

Anya and Sasha are most fond of the Mithai (Indian sweet deserts).  
They really love Laddu: Made of flour and other ingredients formed into balls then dipped in sugar syrup.


Although she is almost 2, Anya has really slow growing hair.
Time for her very first haircut!

We took her to a super fancy salon in Norfolk.


She got a fancy booster chair


And they even let her hold the combs!


She sat still and was unusually good for the whole 2-3 minutes.


Then she was done and she looked fabulous!

Here's her certificate of accomplishment and much of the hair that was removed.


Sasha can't just "watch" The Wizard of Oz.  She considers it an audience participation film.
She's gonna LOVE Rocky Horror!

Thanks to her sponsors: Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans, Sasha gets to go to gymnastics class again this summer.

They had a welcome luau at the Little Gym.

Sasha got back in the swing of things.

Her dangling seems to be top notch too.

By the end of April it was hot.  Time to try out the new Hello Kitty backyard sprinkler.

It was a splishy splashy success!

That was a fun April.  Now it's time for Summer!  Hurray!


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