September Rocks!

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September started off with an Ice Cream Social at Sasha's School.

Anya also starts "School" this month at Michelle's house!

Ready for school, babies?


Anya gives a big thumbs up.

Sasha & MaKenzie have one more sleepover before school starts.

We head down to the beach for some pizza pi.

Alan made a 1/2 inch snowman with some pizza dough, but the girls decided they could do better.

Makenzie gets super excited and does a little dance when the pizza arrives.

All tatted up and ready to play.

Makin' their way around the beach playground

And playing on some of the big sand piles


Alan's friend Dana (on bass) rocks the pagoda at 31st street.  Sasha and Makenzie are fans!


Hey Anya, wanna go play at the park?

Is that your happy face?


Oh, that's your happy face!


Swing kids.


Anya now owns the baby playground


She can climb and slide all by herself

She can also ride the plane and play us out on the bells.

A week later we're back down at the beach for the American Music Festival.

Anya has her first piņa colada

Then Sasha has some too!


Some munchies and play while the band sets up.


Sasha goes to look at the sunset on the ocean and buy some caramel corn.


Finally one of Holly & Alan's favorite bands takes the stage - Marcy Playground!

Marcy Playground is Anya's first concert, how cool.  Sasha's first was the Violent Femmes.


Sasha and Anya were really getting into the tunes.  
One couple standing nearby commented that Sasha was the coolest kid they've ever seen.

Rockin' Kids Video

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Anya digs Marcy Playground too!

After her 2nd piņa colada, Anya tries to grab the super cool trippy music from the sky.


What a fun concert!


Anya just standing around being cool.

At the Chesapeake Duck Race the next weekend.  
Anya looks around and complains to Carter, "Hey man, I don't see any ducks anywhere.  Like, where are the ducks?"

She starts to get mad so we turn the strollers around so she can see the 1000's of ducks behind her.


Sasha and Kenzie queue up for a Mega Bouncer.

Anya watches them play.

That looks fun!  I wanna do it!


So Daddy tosses her in for the next round.

Anya and Carter bounce together.

Finally, it's time to dump the ducks!

And they're off!

We only bought one duck this year and it didn't win.

But Alan did win the 50/50 raffle, so that was a cool $326 in cash!  Not too shabby.

Sasha gets her hand painted with a butterfly.

The kids all win prizes playing duck-games.


Like Ducky Slip-n-slide!


After the race we head over to the Fun Forest.

Just for fun!

The next weekend we're back at the beach so Sasha can ride her bike on the boardwalk.

She's getting pretty good but needs a rest from time to time.


Sisters at the beach!

Anya needs a rest too.  Then back to the beach playground.

Anya climbs up and Sasha helps her slide down.



Playing in the sand is fun too!

Fall at the beach is great!

Anya's obsession this week was the treasure chest of jewels.


Would you like a nice bracelet?

Sunday morning Mothra and Godzilla movie breakfast.

And finally we end the month at India Fest in Norfolk.

It was fun to eat Indian food and see all the Bollywood dance productions.  And we got to visit Mommy's school!

That was a pretty busy September - whew!


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