Sasha's First Day of School

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Sasha put her clothes out the night before and here she is suited up and sleepy looking the next morning.
She went to bed early the night before, but didn't fall asleep until after midnight.


Anika keeps a lookout for the school bus.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day, but the weather cleared for a minute so Sasha could board the bus.


Sasha has been waiting for this bus ride for the last 5 years!  It was so exciting!

Sasha arrives at school and the teachers are there to round up the kids and shepherd them to their classes.

It was a kindergarten traffic jam!  Finally Sasha breaks loose and makes her way to class.


Mrs. Lupia has the class all ready for everyone to start the school year.

Sashi hangs up her coat and backpack.

The classroom looks so fun.  Sasha starts her first day drawing a picture.


 Working on her picture with some of her new friends and classmates.


There's little stations set up like this all over the classroom with the kids names on them.

At the end of the day the bus comes back to the neighborhood.  Sasha, the new kindergartener, steps off and into her exciting future as a student.


Then runs over to hug Mommy & Daddy.

Sasha Kai: Kindergartener


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