October Fests

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Halloween isn't the only thing in October.  There's also The Children's Festival in Norfolk.

Over at the Alice in Wonderland dress up and tea-time area.

Anya meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The Queen of Hearts stops by for a tea party with Anika.

Then Alice showed up too, so Sasha joined in for tea-time.

The Mad Hatter took a seat as well, but by now Anya split to introduce herself to The Cheshire Cat

She tried to get the cat to attack a little girl, but it didn't comply with her demands.


Sasha signed her name and Anya's on a cardboard playhouse then did some arts and crafts at some of the activity tables.


Sasha wanted to ride the Teddy Bear Express.  Anya was happy to just watch.

There she is!  There's Sasha!


Searching through the pirate's haystack for treasure.


Petting bunnies.

Playing at Dollhouse Corner

Sasha shows Anika the secret entrance

OK Anya, Time to go!

Hi Anya!  You look happy!

 Wait a minute!  That's your troublemaking face!  What are you up to?  Oh no!  Exploring the cupboard caves!  Nooooooooo!

Anya Chase

Anya Gets Mad

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Hey Sasha and Anya!  Wanna go to Coldstone and get Sasha's Citizen of the Month ice cream?


Well do you?  Or are you just gonna sit around posing for pictures?

Everybody gets some yummy ice cream.


Hello Sasha. Uh Oh, watch out behind you!  Anya just looked around to make sure nobody was watching and now she's gonna steal some of your ice cream!

Now she's stealing Mommy's ice cream!  Anika's a naughty baby ice cream bandit!

Free cotton candy at the BowCreek Fall Festival.  Hurray!

Anya heads right over toward the bouncers.

First a detour to the playground.


What are you doing down there?  You're supposed to be up here with me!

Sasha flies high.


Anya never wants to leave the bouncer.


A game of ring toss for stuffed animal prizes before we go.


Sasha tosses bean bags and Anya retrieves.  

Well that was a fun October!


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