November and December (Before Christmas)

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Here's Anya just smiling her way around the house at the beginning of November.


Sasha was home for a sick day and built this toy shrine for some reason.

The winter hurricane of 2009.  Tossed things around the backyard, rained like crazy, and then closed the schools for 2 days.  
That's as close as we get to snowdays!

Anya knew how to spend the days off.


She created her own little hurricane in the livingroom.

Sasha poses outside on a nice warm November day.


Anya helps set up the Christmas Tree for the first time.

 We set it up early this year so we could enjoy it for a few weeks.


You can't tell, but we were only able to decorate the top 1/3 of the tree to keep the ornaments safe from The Troublemaker.


Sasha's School had a Thanksgiving Feast


Holly went and had lunch and took pictures.

Sasha and Ajahni are The Pilgrims!


Everyone queues up for the yummy food.


Pilgrims and Indians share one last feast before irrevocable hostilities resume.

Sasha and Birthday Bear are ready for Thanksgiving at MaKenzie's House!


Anya gets dressed up too!


The food is all ready and Carter takes his first sample.


This was the Little Little Kids Table!


And this was the Kids table.


This Raccoon wandered into our yard while I was working one morning.

Makenzie and Carter came over for dinner and a play date!


We made Cupcakes for Holly's birthday later in the week.


Anya helped too!


Then we had a Pizza Party.


Anya and Carter had a Pizza Eating Showdown.


Time to go see Santa and tell him all the things we want for Christmas.


In case you didn't see it:

Click Here for: A Personal Message to Sasha from Santa!


Sasha gets an elf hat after her tedious 3 minute wait to see Santa.

Holly's Birthday!


She gets a lapful of presents and a fancy flower cake! 


Anika "Tests" the cake to make sure it's "OK"


While Cards and Presents are opened, Anya sneaks another taste.


Here's your cake Mommy!  Happy Birthday!


Now it's time to open the Christmas Care Package from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher!


New PJs, ornaments, and candy!  Hurray!


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm.  Christmas Candy.  Yummy!


Dressing up and goofing off.


This was Sasha's hair-doo for "Crazy Hair Day" at school.  


Time to open Christmas presents over at MaKenzie's house!


Anya makes sure everybody gets some "lap-time."

 Then she acts all tough.

Sasha and her classmates before the Christmas Holiday Music Program at her school.

Everybody is ready to sing the songs they've been practicing all semester.


Anya and Alan wait in the audience for Sasha's big debut!

Sasha gets nervous and ends up being too scared to sing.  

But that's OK.  Because even though it's mid December, we can still go play at the park the next day.  So all is well!


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