Summer Trip to Michigan: Chapter 5

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The Rowlands let us borrow their tiny little house while we visited and they were on vacation

Sasha and Anya get ready for the morning walk over to Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Anya silences her cousin by cramming her fist into Sylvia's mouth.

Preparations are made for Lucy's birthday party.


It's a picnic party out on the deck!

Everybody eats subs and chips.

Anya sticks to the watermellon.  Lucy opens her presents and promptly falls asleep in them.

Alan works from his make-shift office while a gaggle of princesses loom at the top of the stair.

A visit to the Children's Garden at MSU.

Sylvia sits with the "Bronze Boy" - presumably a commemorative statue honoring the 100's of children who died during construction of the garden.


Anya enjoys the Lilly Pad Pond.


Her claims that it's the #1 Lilly Pad Pond are dubious, as this is only, at best, the second one she's ever seen.

Holly and Anika take a rest while Sasha goes wild in the background on the only toy in the garden.

A spinny fence.

They don't have spinny fences in Virginia Beach.  So this is a real treat!


After disposing of one child Mark stops to have a portrait taken with his remaining offspring. 


Sasha gets caught in a Mommy / Grandma sandwich.

On the drive home in the mountains of Appalachian Mountains.

Anya peeks out from the top of her first mountain.

Anika's first pool playing experience.

She loved it!  Splashy fun!

Sasha did great with her water wings.  She was swimming all over the pool all by herself!


Anya is the new Captain of the family yacht. 

Almost home.  Vacation is over.  It was a fun trip up to Michigan.  See you again at Christmas!


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