Another Birthday Party

Summer Trip to Michigan: Chapter 4

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Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman's neighbors, Archie & Pat, have a super-cool tree swing.

And Grandma & Grandpa have a pretty nice hammock.

Birthday Party II begins.  Grandma & Grandpa throw a big bash for our rare summer visit.

Archie makes sure Anika has somebody to play with.


Sasha greets the guests as they arrive.

Wanda Saxton.  Alan's friend and neighbor from Detroit who he hasn't seen in 20 years!

Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans make sure Anya & Sasha are entertained out in the backyard.


This tree swing is the hit of the visit.


Everyone admires Anya's finery.  


Grandma brings out the cake and everybody sings Happy Birthday to the girls.


Felissa drove all the way from Chicago to cuddle Anya.


Holly leans in for a picture.


Anya carefully unwraps some of her presents.

2 seconds before impact with the tree.  Nice push Aunt Dawn!  :)


It was nice of Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans to "postpone" their vacation to come to the party.


Sasha & Anika sure appreciated the attention.


It made Sasha very happy.


And Anya thinks it was a pretty fun party too!

Sasha tries to take off with Aunt Dawn's bike.


After the party, Anya frolics in the front yard grass.


At a school park by Grandma & Grandpa's house.


Grandpa tosses and Alan catches.


Anya crosses the "Bridge of Doom"


Sasha climbs over the "Rainbow bars of Remorse"?


Even Holly finds a pogo-pole to play on!

Sasha shows off some of her new "gymnastic" skills from class over the summer.

Right before we leave Grandma & Grandpa save a bird who was caught in a net in the backyard.  Super-Grandpa saves the day.

Sasha pets the birdy goodbye.  Holly prevents Anya (aka Troublemaker) from re-capturing it.

Thank you for the fun visit and great party Grandma & Grandpa!  We love you!


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