Birthday Party

Summer Trip to Michigan: Chapter 3

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One of the many "shows" that Sylvia and Sasha performed during our visit.

Anya and Holly loved the show!


Here we are eating dinner before the party at the happiest Chinese restaurant in the world, 
where the staff actually comes up and dances you to your table.


Anya was fascinated by something inside the radiator.  We pushed the camera in and saw what she was looking at.  Click here to see.


Holly explains to Anya what a "party" is.  Lucy keeps asking for more punch.


Mark explains the rules of the Scavenger Hunt.


The girls follow the clues.

One clue leads to another.

In a maddening series that takes them all over and around the house.

Until they're back where they started and find a basket full of treats, toys and tongue tattoos.


Anya scoots around making sure everyone is having a good time.

Outside the girls paint stained glass window decorations.

Sasha makes some nice ones that I now have hanging in my office.

Anya sees that preparations are being made to eat cake.  This pleases her.

Lucy waits impatiently as Angela brings in Anya's custom cake.

The cake is placed, but Anya doesn't know what to do.


Then Sasha's cupcakes arrive as well!

Sasha knows what to do.  Candles out, wishes made, time to eat.

Anika finally leans in and does what comes natural.

Lucy wonders if she will ever get a cupcake or anything at this party.  Anya sympathizes for a moment...

...Then leans in for another attack.

Now that's how a baby eats a cake...   and Anya takes another bite of hers too!


All full of cake and happy....  It's present time!

A Webkin!  Sasha loves fads!  Hurray for Webkins!

A giant piece of candy?


I see Sylvia is working on the Fisher "Crazy Eyes" camera pose.

Anya unwraps and plays with her new Godzilla, Baby Godzilla and Mothra toys.

Anya reads her cards before she opens her toys, then passes them around the room.

She gets some help opening her presents!


And as the day winds down, Anika plays us off.  


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