Summer Trip to Michigan: Chapter 2 

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We arrive in St. Johns and immediately get Holly's mandatory dinner at Big Boy out of the way.


Sylvie and Sasha are happy to be reunited.  Lucy finds that baby she met at Christmas.

Sylvia and Sasha start to lose it as they wait for their food to arrive.


Anya looks pretty cute down at the end of the table.

Family portraits on the bench outside Big Boy.  An odd new tradition?


The first of many Run DMC poses struck by Sylvie and Sasha, for some reason, over the next couple weeks.

Hanging out with Sylvie and Lucy.


Anya has fun exploring the new house.

Here's the cryptic printer test page that we assumed Anna left us as the first clue in a scavenger hunt.  
We spent hours trying to decipher the clues in that toy mailbox only to learn days later that she never actually set up the scavenger hunt alluded to in her welcome letter.

Grandpa does some dancing and cuddling with Anika.


Here we are at the apple/strawberry farm that turned out to have neither apples nor strawberries.

But it did have lots of pretty flowers, so Grandpa was happy.


And it had a teeter totter, which Sasha has read about and seen on TV, but never actually played on.


The farm had a really fun playground.

Even Alan had fun playing with the mini-backhoe.


Anya loved the sandbox.  Especially the sand shovel Stonehenge she surrounded herself with.

Sasha loved the off-road trike track. 

Before we left, Holly & Alan had to get a ride on the totter as well.


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