Summer Trip to Michigan: Chapter 1

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At the hotel on the way to Michigan.  It wasn't until I saw this picture that I realized I might be losing some of my hair!

We meet Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans at Olive Garden.

When we get back to their place....  It's birthday present time!

The girls score a new Nintendo Wii.  How awesome!


Uncle Beans pulls off his super-classy Burt Reynolds pose.

Aunt Dawn prepares the famous 7 layer dip.


Pictures in the mirror with baby Anya.

Sasha takes Monkie for a walk.

It's her first dog walking walk.

Sasha, Dawn, Holly & Anya  walk down to the playground at the pool.

Anya LOVES swinging.

Sasha helps push Anika back to the house.

Aunt Dawn is all kinds of fun!

Uncle Beans makes some French Toast and Pancakes.

Holly and Sasha are hungry for Uncle Bean's yummy breakfast!

Sasha rolls with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans to the duck pond park in Brighton.

First we walk down the boardwalk.

And see some baby ducks!


Anya wants to break loose and play!

Uncle Beans gets into the swing of things!


Anika can't get enough of this place!


Sasha slides fast and walks the balance beam.


Alan hides from the sun in one of the kid tubes.

Holly takes a ride on the zip-line track.

Anya can slide all by herself!  Alan does a perfect L-Sit on the parallel bars.


Sasha and Uncle Beans return to the tire swing!

A walk to Dairy Queen further down the boardwalk.


Another Mommy duck with even more babies!

Sasha and Anya take a turn on Uncle Beans drums.


We had a rockin' good time!  Thanks Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans!


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