The Rest of May & Mother's Day

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Anya's new nickname this month is TM.  TroubleMaker.


She's scooting and crawling all over the place.  Getting into everything and pulling herself up to her feet by any means available.


And everything, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.


Sasha does some showing off for little sis at the mall playground.


Cuddle sisters.


Makenzie's Birthday Party.


Anika goes straight for the Megabouncer.


She loves it!  And as usual, Sasha loves the swings.


Mr. Bill makes sure the Giant Bee has left the area so the piņata smashing can commence.


Sasha takes a couple wacks and dislodges a wing.


Dylan does some damage and this little girl deals the fatal blow.


Everyone scrambles.

Candy and treats for all.  

MaKenzie's Littlest Pet Shop Birthday cake - by Michelle.

Firing it up!

and even Anya watches as the candles go out.

Then it's present time.

Pet shop toys from Sasha.  Hurray!

Leaving the party that night and waking up late the next morning with a party hangover.
"I can't believe we drank all those juiceboxes!"

Some cheerleaders celebrating the Kite Festival at the beach.


Two of the big monster kites and one neat little Eagle.

Cuddling at the Big Kite Field.  These things were gigantic.  Especially that red octopus.

 Anya loved watching these. 

They had competitions and exhibitions all day.


But Anya was just mesmerized by the giants.

Sasha was mesmerized by this bag of popcorn, until it was gone.

What a cutie!

Yes Anya, You're cute too!

A quick peek in an aquarium on the way back to the car and Anya stops to do a Juicy Juice promotion.

Anya got this music table for Christmas, and she's finally big enough to play with it.  She loves it.

Mother's Day morning.  Breakfast, presents, cards and flowers for Mommy.


Off to the mall for carousel rides and we watched the movie Earth.

 Even Sasha got a present.  A new purse!

She loves her new purse and her Mommy!

We drove out to the Red Wing Park Memorial gardens.

To get some nice pictures of Holly and the Girls.

It's hard to get both Sasha and Anya to look at the camera at the same time.

Plus there's so much new to see here Anya was always distracted by something.

It was a perfect day for pictures.

Sasha and Holly - Best Buddies.


At the Japanese garden.


Happy Mother's Day Holly.  We LOVE you!


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